Monday, 26 May 2014

What Annoys Me

          The most annoying thing to me is when you're walking down the hall/sidewalk, and you come up to another person walking towards you. Then you do that little shuffle thing because they are walking on the wrong side of the road. In a car in Ontario everyone knows to pass left to left, and it's the same in horseback riding. Passing left to left is a way to keep everyone organized and travelling in the flow of traffic, and it's more efficient. I find this annoying because lets say for example you're on the urge of being late for class, and if a whole group of people take over the entire hall you'll have no chance of being on time. This can lead to serious consequences depending on the teacher. I believe everyone would benefit from a rule of passing left to left. Ultimately this annoying daily occurrence is totally unavoidable if everyone was to abide by the rule.

A List of Things That Annoy Me

Here's some things that annoy me (these are not in any particular order):

1. My sister
This needs very little description. Anyone that has a sibling knows that they know exactly what peeves you off, and this power is often abused to the point of wanting to drop-kick them into another dimension. IF you do not have a sibling, then you hopefully do not feel these infuriating feelings (but I still love my sis). What I really don't like is when my sister comes to me with questions about basically any subject and I am expected to remember information that I learned last year like I am some super-genius, and all the time I have for homework is flushed down the drain.
2. Wrong answers in homework check
I like when I correct answers from a textbook, don't get me wrong, but when you come back to school after missing a few days due to my extra-curricular activities, the last thing I need is to feel like I'm not understanding a unit just started (or yet another vital part of a unit).   
3. Writer's Block
You know what I mean, that time in ENGLISH class or when you're at home and  you just can't put any ideas down on paper, and you're just sitting there and wasting time. Then, when everything starts coming to you the next day, you wonder "Why the heck did this not happen yesterday?". Especially for my Kite Runner essay did I have major Writer's Block, just sitting down in class while others typed away, wondering what in the world I was going to do to prove my thesis (which I also went through lots of time to make) 
4. Slow parts in a book
I mean honestly, this is so annoying that it even passes the monotony of a normal school week. You just feel like taking the book and skipping to all the drama, action, plot twists and whatever lies beyond the desert of BLAH and BOOOORING!
5. Failing to save work
This actually happened to me when I was trying to comment on a blog post. You know what happens? The internet decides to have a little lapse, and I refresh the page, thinking known of it. Little did I know that all of the focus and time and heart I put into this comment would be flushed down the drain. Just a comment is annoying, but a whole essay is beyond infuriating as you can't remember every little detail and nuance that you written  (leaving you with a feeling that the new essay will not be as good as the first)
6. Overpriced athletic gear 
As previously said in my last blog post, my dream is to go to the Olympics. But, anyone that plays sports knows that price tags for quality equipment is not cheap. This is so annoying because I'm only 17 and do not have a lot of money to spend (somewhat frivolous) with the money I get from my jobs, like a pair of running shoes for $60-120, and I don't want to put that burden on my parent's shoulders. This means I only get to go to the clearance section (which, don't get me wrong, is better than nothing) until I will (hopefully) get sponsor-ships to different sports companies.
7. Boy bands
Now I might get flak for this, but who else is with me about boy bands? Honestly, their music sucks, their popularity ludicrously high and their occurrence much too often. When the beloved One Direction came onto the music scene, my sister from earlier actually squealed when she saw them on a TV program, and ever since then I can't stop but look through every boy band's charm and take them for what they really are: a huge pain.   
And last, but certainly not least...
8.Trying to make a list of things that annoy you, and blanking out even though you know more things annoy you.
Hopefully someone (*cough* Mrs. Le) understands this as well. When I first started this post, I had to sit down and think deeply at what annoys me, when at any given moment (of course, on a bad day) I could list 10 things in less than 10 seconds about what is annoying me that day. I guess that is really a good thing for everybody, because i may keep on ranting if I am given free reign into my list of pet peeves. 

Well, here is my list and please comment about what you have in common with my pet peeves as well.

Talk to you guys later

Annoying Stuff

Now, it's kind of hard not to, but I don't want this post to seem all whiny, because typically when someone constantly complains about what annoys them, that in itself is annoying (I am totally guilty of this). But here's some things that bother me:
  • The lack of respect for life we all have. I'm not saying bugs and humans are equals by any means, but come on, how can you extinguish a tiny life just for the sake of not having a spider in your home? They eat flies, and those guys are the worst. And then we flush them down the toilet. What a way to die. Would you stomp a mouse to death? What about a rabbit? Would you crush a dog to death because it wasn't welcome in your home? No? Then have some respect for the smaller, creepy crawly guys that mean you no more harm than a puppy. Furthermore, just try talking it out with the bug in your room. You talk to your dog even though it doesn't care what you have to say, so why not do the same with a spider? Let it know you're going to bring him outside and do it. 
  • Dorito/Cheeto/Chip dust. You know the crud I'm talking about. That stuff that gathers on your fingers after eating chips. And then people lick it off. Good heavens, they lick it off, along with all the scum that they've gathered after a long day of using the computer, playing video games, or petting animals at the local shelter. *shudders* Please, just wash your hands after eating some chips.
  • Theme parks. Over rated, over expensive, over crowded places where you wait in line for 2 hours for a 5 minute ride. The only time a theme park is enjoyable is when there is nobody there except the employees, you and your friends.
  • Horror movies. What kind of twisted lives are we living that we find pleasure in watching sadistic tales of gratuitous violence and evil, forcing ourselves to be kept awake at night? 
  • The immaturity of teenagers.
  • Technology. Technology is a valuable resource to be used or abused, and we all abuse it. Whether we are watching our favourite tv series, pointlessly filing through pictures on the internet, or texting. You name it, we waste dozens of precious hours on our devices and can't spare a moment for fellow human beings. Maybe if we all sought how to be better individuals we would find comfort in one another socially than in stupid pass-times.
  • The price of stuff. I don't remember a time when a loaf of bread was a nickel, but I wish I did.
  • Worse than the price of stuff, the price we pay for stuff. No matter how outrageous something costs, we buy it because we can't live without it and then do nothing for those who have nothing.
  • Noah, the movie. What an obvious perversion of an otherwise amazing story. This is why Christians look like nut cases.
  • The way Christians look like nut cases. Jesus did NOT tell us to behave like the Westboro Baptist Church. 
 Well, that's all for now.

Looking Down on Others

One of the biggest things that annoys me is when people fully believe that they are better than somebody else and treat them accordingly. I see it all the time from school to sports to work but it just boggles my mind that people can have the mindset that they are better than someone else. Now this wouldn't be a huge annoyance of mine if people kept it to themselves and didn't show it but that isn't the case. I've seen on many different occasions people talking down to others just because they truly believe that they are beneath them. Personally, my father comes to mind when I'm talking about this because he talks down to me a lot. Even though it's fair to say he is my dad and has a lot more experience in things I don't see a problem in talking to me on equal levels. Overall, everybody should look at each other on the same level and have the mindset that we are all equal.


Things that annoy me

- listening to radio
For 16 years I've been hearing the radio that my parents always listen to and i hate it. It's unclear, loud, and the topics aren't very interesting. I would rather spend time listening to heavy metal <---NOT FOND OF. 
To my opinion, newspapers reek. Just the thought of the smell of it's ink makes me nauseous. The text is small, so i get eye strain really easily.

Friday, 16 May 2014

I Quit the Internet

You know those advertisements that pop up whenever you try to watch a video on youtube or click on a website. I cannot stand those! It feels like it's a game where you have to just constantly click an army of ads away. Their not even relevant to what I am searching for! One time, I was watching a video of Moto-cross, and I got an ad for allergy relief. Must be all the dirt, y'know? Anyways. The internet used to be a place free of these companies annoying people for their money, but there are now more and more ads interrupting me when I am trying to relax or even when I am working. I think I'll just turn off the computer and go outside to do something healthy instead.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

The one thing that annoys me more than any of the other things on my rather large list of annoyances, is liars. Obviously I lie occasionally, who doesn't? However, I am not talking about harmless white lies. I am specifically talking about people who consistently tell lie after lie which further leads to them hurting the ones around them. An example of small lies is when: you say your friends parents food is really good (but in reality it tastes really bad), telling your parents that you are going to stop going out for food, or even saying that you're going to the washroom while you are actually going to do laps with a friend (sorry Mrs. Le). An example of a big lie is basically anything that can get yourself or someone else in trouble, or hurt those around you. What is the point of pathologically lying? Is it supposed to make the person feel better? What happens when everyone finds out that you constantly lie? I have no clue; because sooner or later the truth will somehow come out. Lying is the thing that annoys me the most because in my opinion, it is pointless, harmful, and just plan dumb.

Monday, 5 May 2014

You Got a Friend in Me?

       I am an easy going person who would rather see the good in situation rather than allow things to get under my skin. Although I attempt to view the good in everyone and everything, there is one thing, which for me is unbearable to ignore. What really annoys me is when friends do not stand up for each other. 

       This may seem like a very strange pet peeve to some. Why does it matter if your friend does not stand up for you, when you have the ability to fend for yourself and seek other support systems? The one of many problems which teenagers face even in today's day and age is bullying. Sure, teachers and parents do not support bullying, but it still occurs and there is a difference when a friend is there for you and when an adult intervenes in the situation. Most teens value their friends' opinions and seek advice from them more often than they would from their parents or other adults. I feel that it is due to the fact that kids can relate more to kids their own age because they spend more time together during the day. Also, the bond of friendship can provide different emotional support than a parent can offer. 
       It disappoints and annoys me to see friends who are supposedly "there for you" enable bullies through being bystanders or even participating in the act itself. I feel that this is one of the most ultimate forms of betrayal because without the support of those who matter most, kids will begin to feel deserving of the bullying. Friends have a very powerful influence on each other and it annoys me when they sell their friends out for peer pressure.

Always annoyed

The list of things that annoy me is absolutely endless, every day the list gets longer and longer, from people chewing loudly to being able to hear people breathing, i'm annoyed by everything. Picking one thing that annoys me over all others was difficult but since I just got my G2 and have started frequently driving there's been some things that annoy me while i'm on the road. When people don't signal when turning or changing lanes, WHY NOT. All you have to do is flip a little handle thing up or down to turn the light on and tell people what your intention is, it's really not that hard. Not signaling is like saying oh me and my vehicle are more important and we can do whatever, uh no get off the road. People that take up 2 parking spots or do a horrible parking job and block spaces, no your car doesn't need more room it's the same size as everyone else's and if your car is so precious that it can't have other cars beside it park it FAR FAR away. When people tailgate you, i'll slow down if you do it every single time. If you're in such a big hurry you should have left earlier, no need to ride the back of my car, pass if you want but get away from me. Never will I speed up to satisfy you i'll just keep the same speed or go slower to make you even more mad. When people text while driving annoys me over anything, it's already against the law and continuing to put other peoples lives in danger so you can check your phone. Don't check it when you're at a red light either because if you don't notice the second the light turns green i'll be even more annoyed. Those are just a few of the most annoying things drivers do, after rereading this i'm not sure I should have got my G2 but hey, at least i'll never take part in these activities.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Stop Rustling my Jimmies >:(

I find a lot of things annoying in everyday life, some just because I think they are common courtesy and others I suppose are just because I'm an irritable person. This is probably going to get me worked up and can't say that I'm looking forward to writing this since I'm going to have to think about all of the worst things in life all at once...Here we go!

  • One of my biggest pet peeves is when people chew with their mouth open or slurp their food/drinks. My dad is Chinese and in their culture, they slurp their food, especially soup AND IT BUGS ME SO MUCH. I suppose I really shouldn't be mad at him because in Chinese culture, slurping shows gratitude to the chef and that you enjoy your meal and also, it was ingrained into him when he was a child but still, just... ugh...I'm already getting angry just writing the first of my many annoyances
  • On that topic, people in general also annoy me, not even things people do or specific ones, just, people.
  • Hangnails. Hangnails are the scum of the earth. Why do they even exist? Ruining a day with discomfort is their main purpose as far as I can tell
  • s....lo....w.. *buffering* internet connections, when you just want to check something really quick like the weather but you can't check it in time before you have to leave the house, or maybe you want to watch a short video and it takes half an hour to load the advertisement
  • Mondays. Who doesn't hate Mondays? You get to spend two days doing whatever you want, relax, sleep in, watch some Tv then BAM! Monday comes along, and you turn into a bear woken early from hibernation. fun fact: 
  • Not covering your face when you sneeze. If I even feel one speck of moisture on my arm in the next second, run. I can't be held responsible for whatever happens next.
  • Bottled water. Just use the's literally the same water, almost half of all bottled water is derived from tap water. Tap water legally needs to be tested and cleaned for it to be distributed to homes, bottled water is no more pure than the stuff from the tap. (Reference:

I have many more things that annoy me, but the assignment wasn't to write and essay. Maybe it's just me, I don't know, but it seems like there are an infinite amount of annoying things in this world. Everyone has something that they do that will make someone else angry, no one is exempt, and that is why I find people annoying :D (2nd bullet point).

Fly On The Wall

I could go on for days about the things I find annoying.

  • when chip bags are 70% air and 30% chips. 
  • when animals try and cross the road in front of you but they just end up turning around halfway across and going back again. 
  • Home Depot, you know a little bit of your childhood dies when you enter Home Depot.
  • When my dad yells at the TV while he's watching Hockey. They can't hear you, Dad.
 But the thing the bugs me beyond belief. Is when your common housefly REALLY decides that it's going to live up to it's name. I'm about to fall asleep, thinking about all the things that annoyed me that day. When I start to hear the faint tick tick tick of an idiotic fly.  The insect that strongly believes that if it slams it's self against a wall hard enough it can go through it.
"Just get up and kill it, whats the big deal." Well, I'm not one to enjoy bug guts dangling from my ceiling. So I will spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to get my new roommate out of my room. Turing lights on and off to try and get it attracted to the light in the hallway. While trying to swoosh it away with a t-shirt. But, if I turn the light off in my room, of course, I can't see where the bloody fly went. So eventually I just start throwing articles of clothing around the room and hoping for the best.
 Forty-five minutes later, after throwing my whole wardrobe around the room.  My eyes adjust as I watch the fly realizes it's not welcome and walk slowly over the trimming and into the hallway. I watch in amazement as I quickly close the door behind the fly. My job is done. The fly and I are now neighbors instead of roommates.

I crawl back into bed, about to fall asleep, When I hear the faint click of the fly trying to become one with the back of my door.

Stuff that annoys Kat

There are a lot of things that annoy me, most of which are petty and kind of stupid but, here goes nothing. The first thing that annoys me is when my whole family does not sit down for dinner at the same time. Dinner time is supposed to be a family time where everyone tells each other about their day so, I will not and cannot start eating until everyone is seated and accounted for. Another huge thing that annoys me is when authors decide to kill off your favorite character (*cough cough* Veronica Roth). You spend a whole book (or possibly books) getting to know and love this gosh darn character and then the author goes and kills them. It's devastating because a part of you dies along with this beloved character and it's just not okay. One final thing that annoys me is when people get in my personal space. Things like walking down a crowded hallways, or standing in a crowd of people at a concert just get me flustered. It just really annoys me when people are unnecessarily close to me because, I like my personal space. I would consider these three things to be on the top of the long list of things that annoy me.

Chewing Loudly

The one thing that has the power to annoy me more than any thing else is people who chew loudly or with their mouth open. This one action has the power to not only ruin my meal but also make me angry and annoyed with you. This pet peeve most likely spawned from my father who lacks the skill to keep his mouth closed which then results in extremely noisy sounds and food spurting out of his mouth. If I could give you a reason as to why this bothered me I would. But I can't I just have an uncontrollable reaction when people fail to eat properly. When ever I come across a person like this I cant help myself but think "are you aware of how repulsive you look and sound right now?". A person with this habit is unsanitary and very rude. For example if I was to go on a date and you ate your food like you were raised by a cow I would get up and leave without another word. Therefore, if we're eating together please keep in mind that you should keep it in your mouth. :)

My Annoying problem with Felines

I'm actually really glad that is our post we need to write, because honestly I need to get this out to the world. I have a massive problem with my cats. Massive. No joke, no exaggeration. When looking at the feline species itself, there isn't anything too irritating about cats-besides the lazy, "leave me alone" attitude they tend to have. I can see why people like cats. They're likable.

But then there is my mother. She doesn't just like cats, she loves them. My parents share their own cat, Jack. He's this one eyed little bugger we got from the SPCA. Not only is he annoying because all he does is follow you around the house, whine in his little meow, and chew on my expensive clothing items, but I can't help feeling that I am in competition with the rascal. Cats and Humans are not equal. They just aren't. I love animals, I do and they should be treated with love and care but having your children apologize to your cat for lack of affection shown to it is outrageous. Yes, I will admit I have gotten a talking to for refusing to pet Jack when I've got better things to do. I get in trouble for yelling at him to stop laying on our kitchen table because every time I sit down to have a meal I find one of his measly hairs somewhere in it. I get questioned for that fact that I'm not paying enough attention to him, or playing with him. Because the number one thing on my agenda should be making sure that his every needs are met, how could I have possibly forgotten?

The worst thing is he's sociable, so everyone really likes him. I don't know how many times I've rolled my eyes when my two young cousins are so concerned about where "Jack Jack" is to play with him. Or when my friends come over, and just coo at him like he's the best thing in existence. The worst part is my mom bought a cat stroller. No word of a lie, a little vehicle to push around the King of our Residence. And I'll also admit, I've taken him for walks, and of course I have to suffer the weird looks of either being mistaken for a young mother, or a lunatic.

I think the final thing that just really bugs me, is Jack knows he's the favourite. He knows there is a part of him above me in our family hierarchy. I can see it in his eye when he watches me scoop the cat litter, as he mocks me silently. I don't know what will happen with Jack and I, and our current rivalry but I'm sure its bound to be interesting.

How Annoying

        I thought I was an easy-going person, but when I think about it, maybe I'm not. There are various things that annoy me so let's start with honorable mentions:

-Swearing, specifically the F word
-People who correct you on everything
-Conversation interruptions
-Others who think they are above other people and feel the need to show it
-Complainers who don't stop

       What annoys me to no end, are people who do not stand up for themselves. I mean, the bullies are just as annoying, believe me, but when people just sit there and let them bully them, it's really annoying. Of course I feel bad for the person, and if I ever witnessed such a thing happening, I would no doubt step in and help said person, but it is when the person allows themselves to be attacked, it's just aggravating. It's annoying because if someone was verbally abusing me (or anything else relating to any sort of abuse) I would stick up for myself without hesitation, so I guess I assume really anyone would do that, but they don't.
      It was a year or so ago I witnessed something. Someone had made a few rude comments toward my friend and my friend did nothing at all but frown. It was myself who stuck up for her. I asked why she didn't do anything and she merely shrugged and avoided the question. Relating this to the kite runner, ¨A boy who can't stand up for himself becomes a man who won't stand up to anything.¨ A quote that Baba made about Amir. While it seems particularly harsh, I believe that there are truth to these words. If Rahim Khan hadn't of phoned Amir as a grown man and told him here's a way to be good again." Would the rescuing of Sohrab take place?
      My point is, you shouldn't rely on anyone else to stick up for you, because sadly most of the times they won't, you have to stand up for yourself. I know what it's like to be a target. It sucks and it was unfair because I never did anything wrong. It was when I stopped hiding and stood up for myself I was finally left alone. If you are a target, you need to tell someone, but don't be afraid to stand up for yourself, it's amazing what a few words will do!