Monday, 28 April 2014

Stuff that annoys me…


Everyone has something (or many things) that bother them.  For example, things that annoy me include:

  • people who talk near my ear
  • lateness
  • Blizzards with minimal Smarties
  • the fact that I know a lot of things annoy me, but I can’t think of anything else right now!

Your job for this post is to discuss something that annoys you with examples and explanations.

You are also required to intelligently respond to two others’ posts.


  1. I can defiantly agree with the lack of smarties in blizzards like what kind of world has this come to? The toppings on your ice cream should be the best part of your snack. The joy of your day or else its just plan old ice cream, how boring is that? toppings give you the ability to express your individuality, The power to say "I don't like that on my ice cream!' a world with little or no toppings is no world for me.

  2. I believe that the first way to get over some of the items on this list, is to start getting a better kind of blizzard. Perhaps an Oreo blizzard? Oreo blizzards have and will always be the best kind of blizzard hands down, they always have the perfect amount of toppings and they are just simple yet delicious.
    If you are still stuck on smarties blizzards, you should go to the local Dairy Queen when Helena and/or Aiden are. They will probably put in extra topping if you ask them nicely.

  3. I have to admit I am one of those people "late" people that sometimes is 5- 10 mins late, so I it let pass when other people are late, but only to that 5- 10 mins bridge of time. I get that life is does not always let people be pin point on time or punctual every single moment of their lives. Though any longer than 10 mins and its annoying, unless the other person has a legit reason.