Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Annoying Things

     I guess there isn't really a lot of things that annoy me, just the same things that seem to annoy everyone else. Things like when I text my sister asking a question she never seems to respond, which is really annoying because I kind of want an answer even if mom already knows that she's not on the bus coming home. The same thing with if you are sitting right in front of me and decide that you can't hear me. Something else that I find annoying would be when people say yolo or swag. I found this quite annoying before I went to cadet camp last summer but at camp I had an officer in charge of my flight that really did not like yolo, swag, hash-tag, or anything like that. He decided that if anyone said anything like that they would have push-ups to do. Of course he said the same thing about saying airborne but that's because he took a parachutist course and knows what it's like to be airborne. One other thing that only the cadets might understand would be when people mark time too fast. Marking time is marching on the spot and there is a timing for it. The time between your left foot hitting the ground till it hits again should be one full second. Most people count it as "one-one-thousand" but it seems that some don't understand that the counting is necessary. They also thing that lifting their knees isn't necessary either but if they don't they speed up so I can't even keep up. Not much else really annoys me but I guess this would be the top three things that annoy me.


  1. I do not do cadets, but as a dancer I totally understand your annoyance of people marking time wrong. In groups a lot of parts of the dance are synchronized or in follow up, and if certain people are not listening to the music and counting the beats in their head they will be off and we are no longer all together. This is annoying because then we have to waste time going over the counts slowly so they are in your head once you do them fast. Also for something like tap where you are making noise if one person is off it is very obvious and can throw off the entire group. In the end, you are only as strong as your weakest link so if everyone is not counting properly by competition we will not do well.

  2. I can only imagine how annoying it is when people mess up keeping time. Unfortunately, I am the one who would mess it up. I am the one who claps offbeat, can't understand a specific dance time, etc. Sorry!!!!