Friday, 2 May 2014

How Annoying

        I thought I was an easy-going person, but when I think about it, maybe I'm not. There are various things that annoy me so let's start with honorable mentions:

-Swearing, specifically the F word
-People who correct you on everything
-Conversation interruptions
-Others who think they are above other people and feel the need to show it
-Complainers who don't stop

       What annoys me to no end, are people who do not stand up for themselves. I mean, the bullies are just as annoying, believe me, but when people just sit there and let them bully them, it's really annoying. Of course I feel bad for the person, and if I ever witnessed such a thing happening, I would no doubt step in and help said person, but it is when the person allows themselves to be attacked, it's just aggravating. It's annoying because if someone was verbally abusing me (or anything else relating to any sort of abuse) I would stick up for myself without hesitation, so I guess I assume really anyone would do that, but they don't.
      It was a year or so ago I witnessed something. Someone had made a few rude comments toward my friend and my friend did nothing at all but frown. It was myself who stuck up for her. I asked why she didn't do anything and she merely shrugged and avoided the question. Relating this to the kite runner, ¨A boy who can't stand up for himself becomes a man who won't stand up to anything.¨ A quote that Baba made about Amir. While it seems particularly harsh, I believe that there are truth to these words. If Rahim Khan hadn't of phoned Amir as a grown man and told him here's a way to be good again." Would the rescuing of Sohrab take place?
      My point is, you shouldn't rely on anyone else to stick up for you, because sadly most of the times they won't, you have to stand up for yourself. I know what it's like to be a target. It sucks and it was unfair because I never did anything wrong. It was when I stopped hiding and stood up for myself I was finally left alone. If you are a target, you need to tell someone, but don't be afraid to stand up for yourself, it's amazing what a few words will do!


  1. I think it takes a lot of strength to stand up for oneself. I wonder if once people have been bullied so much that they just don't have the will to stand up for themselves. I also find it concerned that you say "people allow themselves to be attacked". This is not true. Nobody asked to be attacked or bullied. You shouldn't transfer blame from the perpetrator to the victim.

  2. It is very annoying, but I understand that learning to stand up for yourself takes a lot of courage too! Bullying can often lower a person's self esteem along with their courage! I disagree in the sene that I believe that friends should stand up for their friends! Sometimes it may take a little encouragement and support to gain the confidence to stand up for yourself.

  3. I understand how annoying it must be to see people not even attempt to stand up for themselves but if the situation becomes like it had been with my sisters at one point they just keep standing up for themselves and it only got worse and eventually instead of it being one person they aimed at the whole family. Sometimes it is better to step back rather than fight back because sometime it doesn't help. Even telling other people and having other people to help just added fuel to the fire.