Monday, 26 May 2014

What Annoys Me

          The most annoying thing to me is when you're walking down the hall/sidewalk, and you come up to another person walking towards you. Then you do that little shuffle thing because they are walking on the wrong side of the road. In a car in Ontario everyone knows to pass left to left, and it's the same in horseback riding. Passing left to left is a way to keep everyone organized and travelling in the flow of traffic, and it's more efficient. I find this annoying because lets say for example you're on the urge of being late for class, and if a whole group of people take over the entire hall you'll have no chance of being on time. This can lead to serious consequences depending on the teacher. I believe everyone would benefit from a rule of passing left to left. Ultimately this annoying daily occurrence is totally unavoidable if everyone was to abide by the rule.


  1. I completely agree with this. I think most people are annoyed and complain about how people walk and act in the hallways but then they find themselves doing the exact same things. If everyone was a little bit more considerate, walking down the hallway would be much less annoying.

  2. Caitlin, I agree completely with this. Its common sense that people walk on the left side to avoid confusion and keep everything organized. I typically don't find it so bad at our school until you come across a group of 10-15 kids that just stand there, and not just against the lockers they stand right there in the middle of the hallway causing a blockage and essentially creating an easily avoiding traffic jam. Therefore I think action should be taken to enforce some hallway rules that will reduce the chances of things like this happening, making it easier for everyone to travel from class to class.