Monday, 26 May 2014

Annoying Stuff

Now, it's kind of hard not to, but I don't want this post to seem all whiny, because typically when someone constantly complains about what annoys them, that in itself is annoying (I am totally guilty of this). But here's some things that bother me:
  • The lack of respect for life we all have. I'm not saying bugs and humans are equals by any means, but come on, how can you extinguish a tiny life just for the sake of not having a spider in your home? They eat flies, and those guys are the worst. And then we flush them down the toilet. What a way to die. Would you stomp a mouse to death? What about a rabbit? Would you crush a dog to death because it wasn't welcome in your home? No? Then have some respect for the smaller, creepy crawly guys that mean you no more harm than a puppy. Furthermore, just try talking it out with the bug in your room. You talk to your dog even though it doesn't care what you have to say, so why not do the same with a spider? Let it know you're going to bring him outside and do it. 
  • Dorito/Cheeto/Chip dust. You know the crud I'm talking about. That stuff that gathers on your fingers after eating chips. And then people lick it off. Good heavens, they lick it off, along with all the scum that they've gathered after a long day of using the computer, playing video games, or petting animals at the local shelter. *shudders* Please, just wash your hands after eating some chips.
  • Theme parks. Over rated, over expensive, over crowded places where you wait in line for 2 hours for a 5 minute ride. The only time a theme park is enjoyable is when there is nobody there except the employees, you and your friends.
  • Horror movies. What kind of twisted lives are we living that we find pleasure in watching sadistic tales of gratuitous violence and evil, forcing ourselves to be kept awake at night? 
  • The immaturity of teenagers.
  • Technology. Technology is a valuable resource to be used or abused, and we all abuse it. Whether we are watching our favourite tv series, pointlessly filing through pictures on the internet, or texting. You name it, we waste dozens of precious hours on our devices and can't spare a moment for fellow human beings. Maybe if we all sought how to be better individuals we would find comfort in one another socially than in stupid pass-times.
  • The price of stuff. I don't remember a time when a loaf of bread was a nickel, but I wish I did.
  • Worse than the price of stuff, the price we pay for stuff. No matter how outrageous something costs, we buy it because we can't live without it and then do nothing for those who have nothing.
  • Noah, the movie. What an obvious perversion of an otherwise amazing story. This is why Christians look like nut cases.
  • The way Christians look like nut cases. Jesus did NOT tell us to behave like the Westboro Baptist Church. 
 Well, that's all for now.


  1. Josh. I. LOVE. YOUR. LIST. I especially love your last two. I have not seen Noah yet, but I have a few inconsistencies with what the biblical version of it is. So, I really can't say anything about that.

    Now, Westboro Baptist Church I can reply on. Man, I don't even know where they get their theology from. God hates fags? Where in the bible does it say that? When you go to their site, their information only tells you of the places where basically God's wrath pours out on people. The allegation that they are making that God hates fags is false, and that he hates the SIN!!! Now, the media loves what Westboro is doing, and therefore everyone in North America gets to see a micro-size church (I almost want to say cult) macro-sized. And look! This church claims that they are Christians!
    And here comes the stereotypes... Just because they call themselves Christian and are macro-sized, all Christians are branded with the imprint of the God Hates Fags signs every time the name pops-up.

    Indeed, this is why we all look like nut-cases.

    1. I agree that the Westboro Baptist Church is a perversion of Christianity and gives "mainstream" Christians a bad name.

      Nehemiah, it is important to put quotation marks around words that aren't yours. For example, I think I know you well enough, from teaching and coaching, that "fag" isn't a word in your vocabulary. Unfortunately, not everyone does, so you should put the fringe Christians' feelings in quotation marks. This allows people to understand that you are essentially quoting/paraphrasing beliefs that you don't share.

  2. I liked the movie Noah. It finally made cool the Bible story that my husband and I grew up with, and it was a film we could both agree upon (you have to admit it's better than Evan Almighty). As people who have left the church, it actually gave me a reason to reconsider the Bible as a source for stories to tell my children. When the lights went on at the end I was amazed at how many young people it drew. No one knows what the beginning of the world was like, and this was just one interpretation.