Monday, 5 May 2014

Always annoyed

The list of things that annoy me is absolutely endless, every day the list gets longer and longer, from people chewing loudly to being able to hear people breathing, i'm annoyed by everything. Picking one thing that annoys me over all others was difficult but since I just got my G2 and have started frequently driving there's been some things that annoy me while i'm on the road. When people don't signal when turning or changing lanes, WHY NOT. All you have to do is flip a little handle thing up or down to turn the light on and tell people what your intention is, it's really not that hard. Not signaling is like saying oh me and my vehicle are more important and we can do whatever, uh no get off the road. People that take up 2 parking spots or do a horrible parking job and block spaces, no your car doesn't need more room it's the same size as everyone else's and if your car is so precious that it can't have other cars beside it park it FAR FAR away. When people tailgate you, i'll slow down if you do it every single time. If you're in such a big hurry you should have left earlier, no need to ride the back of my car, pass if you want but get away from me. Never will I speed up to satisfy you i'll just keep the same speed or go slower to make you even more mad. When people text while driving annoys me over anything, it's already against the law and continuing to put other peoples lives in danger so you can check your phone. Don't check it when you're at a red light either because if you don't notice the second the light turns green i'll be even more annoyed. Those are just a few of the most annoying things drivers do, after rereading this i'm not sure I should have got my G2 but hey, at least i'll never take part in these activities.

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