Friday, 2 May 2014

Stuff that annoys Kat

There are a lot of things that annoy me, most of which are petty and kind of stupid but, here goes nothing. The first thing that annoys me is when my whole family does not sit down for dinner at the same time. Dinner time is supposed to be a family time where everyone tells each other about their day so, I will not and cannot start eating until everyone is seated and accounted for. Another huge thing that annoys me is when authors decide to kill off your favorite character (*cough cough* Veronica Roth). You spend a whole book (or possibly books) getting to know and love this gosh darn character and then the author goes and kills them. It's devastating because a part of you dies along with this beloved character and it's just not okay. One final thing that annoys me is when people get in my personal space. Things like walking down a crowded hallways, or standing in a crowd of people at a concert just get me flustered. It just really annoys me when people are unnecessarily close to me because, I like my personal space. I would consider these three things to be on the top of the long list of things that annoy me.


  1. I love that you value dinner time as family time. It is a great time to reconnect after a busy day. There has been a lot of research about families eating dinner together and the many benefits.

  2. I absolutely hate when the author throws in a plot twist which was uncalled for. It's so annoying how you think you got the book all planned out in your head and all of a sudden your favourite character dies or a tragedy occurs. I guess those types of books are more realistic though in the sense that life almost never goes as planned either.