Friday, 2 May 2014

Stop Rustling my Jimmies >:(

I find a lot of things annoying in everyday life, some just because I think they are common courtesy and others I suppose are just because I'm an irritable person. This is probably going to get me worked up and can't say that I'm looking forward to writing this since I'm going to have to think about all of the worst things in life all at once...Here we go!

  • One of my biggest pet peeves is when people chew with their mouth open or slurp their food/drinks. My dad is Chinese and in their culture, they slurp their food, especially soup AND IT BUGS ME SO MUCH. I suppose I really shouldn't be mad at him because in Chinese culture, slurping shows gratitude to the chef and that you enjoy your meal and also, it was ingrained into him when he was a child but still, just... ugh...I'm already getting angry just writing the first of my many annoyances
  • On that topic, people in general also annoy me, not even things people do or specific ones, just, people.
  • Hangnails. Hangnails are the scum of the earth. Why do they even exist? Ruining a day with discomfort is their main purpose as far as I can tell
  • s....lo....w.. *buffering* internet connections, when you just want to check something really quick like the weather but you can't check it in time before you have to leave the house, or maybe you want to watch a short video and it takes half an hour to load the advertisement
  • Mondays. Who doesn't hate Mondays? You get to spend two days doing whatever you want, relax, sleep in, watch some Tv then BAM! Monday comes along, and you turn into a bear woken early from hibernation. fun fact: 
  • Not covering your face when you sneeze. If I even feel one speck of moisture on my arm in the next second, run. I can't be held responsible for whatever happens next.
  • Bottled water. Just use the's literally the same water, almost half of all bottled water is derived from tap water. Tap water legally needs to be tested and cleaned for it to be distributed to homes, bottled water is no more pure than the stuff from the tap. (Reference:

I have many more things that annoy me, but the assignment wasn't to write and essay. Maybe it's just me, I don't know, but it seems like there are an infinite amount of annoying things in this world. Everyone has something that they do that will make someone else angry, no one is exempt, and that is why I find people annoying :D (2nd bullet point).


  1. I remember, years ago, reading an article about a son complaining about his dad's slurping, and how it bothered him. Clearly, this divide is still present!

  2. Slurping is kind of hard not to do when you have noodles or soup. My family is Chinese, slurping is fine as long as it is not really loud. But then, there is also a divide between Eastern and Western culture. The problem for me mainly is that i was born in Canada where Western culture is prominent, but all of my family (excluding my brother) influence Eastern culture upon me. I adopt both Western and Eastern cultural ways. It's very hard for me to identify myself since when my peers sees my Eastern cultural side, i am identified as Chinese. Meanwhile, my family when they see my Western cultural side, i am identified as a Westerner. Then, which am i?