Friday, 16 May 2014

I Quit the Internet

You know those advertisements that pop up whenever you try to watch a video on youtube or click on a website. I cannot stand those! It feels like it's a game where you have to just constantly click an army of ads away. Their not even relevant to what I am searching for! One time, I was watching a video of Moto-cross, and I got an ad for allergy relief. Must be all the dirt, y'know? Anyways. The internet used to be a place free of these companies annoying people for their money, but there are now more and more ads interrupting me when I am trying to relax or even when I am working. I think I'll just turn off the computer and go outside to do something healthy instead.


  1. Ads also annoy me. They probably annoy everyone! They are especially annoying when my daughters are watching Toopy and Binoo on YouTube and they don't understand the five-second wait until I can click past the ad. They want T and B NOW!

  2. When I listen to a playlist on youtube and the ads interrupt it I get s annoyed. Especially when Im driving and I plug my phone into the auxiliary chord I cant look down to skip it so its annoying.

  3. I'm not sure how I feel about ads, yes they are definitely annoying but they also keep a bunch of sites free to use. Without companies paying to put their ads on sites/videos, the sites could potentially charge people to use them since they need to pay the people writing the code for them. And they also give small businesses the chance to get out there. Then again, the fact that they can see your interests and base the ads you see off of that, it's kind of creepy...