Monday, 26 May 2014

A List of Things That Annoy Me

Here's some things that annoy me (these are not in any particular order):

1. My sister
This needs very little description. Anyone that has a sibling knows that they know exactly what peeves you off, and this power is often abused to the point of wanting to drop-kick them into another dimension. IF you do not have a sibling, then you hopefully do not feel these infuriating feelings (but I still love my sis). What I really don't like is when my sister comes to me with questions about basically any subject and I am expected to remember information that I learned last year like I am some super-genius, and all the time I have for homework is flushed down the drain.
2. Wrong answers in homework check
I like when I correct answers from a textbook, don't get me wrong, but when you come back to school after missing a few days due to my extra-curricular activities, the last thing I need is to feel like I'm not understanding a unit just started (or yet another vital part of a unit).   
3. Writer's Block
You know what I mean, that time in ENGLISH class or when you're at home and  you just can't put any ideas down on paper, and you're just sitting there and wasting time. Then, when everything starts coming to you the next day, you wonder "Why the heck did this not happen yesterday?". Especially for my Kite Runner essay did I have major Writer's Block, just sitting down in class while others typed away, wondering what in the world I was going to do to prove my thesis (which I also went through lots of time to make) 
4. Slow parts in a book
I mean honestly, this is so annoying that it even passes the monotony of a normal school week. You just feel like taking the book and skipping to all the drama, action, plot twists and whatever lies beyond the desert of BLAH and BOOOORING!
5. Failing to save work
This actually happened to me when I was trying to comment on a blog post. You know what happens? The internet decides to have a little lapse, and I refresh the page, thinking known of it. Little did I know that all of the focus and time and heart I put into this comment would be flushed down the drain. Just a comment is annoying, but a whole essay is beyond infuriating as you can't remember every little detail and nuance that you written  (leaving you with a feeling that the new essay will not be as good as the first)
6. Overpriced athletic gear 
As previously said in my last blog post, my dream is to go to the Olympics. But, anyone that plays sports knows that price tags for quality equipment is not cheap. This is so annoying because I'm only 17 and do not have a lot of money to spend (somewhat frivolous) with the money I get from my jobs, like a pair of running shoes for $60-120, and I don't want to put that burden on my parent's shoulders. This means I only get to go to the clearance section (which, don't get me wrong, is better than nothing) until I will (hopefully) get sponsor-ships to different sports companies.
7. Boy bands
Now I might get flak for this, but who else is with me about boy bands? Honestly, their music sucks, their popularity ludicrously high and their occurrence much too often. When the beloved One Direction came onto the music scene, my sister from earlier actually squealed when she saw them on a TV program, and ever since then I can't stop but look through every boy band's charm and take them for what they really are: a huge pain.   
And last, but certainly not least...
8.Trying to make a list of things that annoy you, and blanking out even though you know more things annoy you.
Hopefully someone (*cough* Mrs. Le) understands this as well. When I first started this post, I had to sit down and think deeply at what annoys me, when at any given moment (of course, on a bad day) I could list 10 things in less than 10 seconds about what is annoying me that day. I guess that is really a good thing for everybody, because i may keep on ranting if I am given free reign into my list of pet peeves. 

Well, here is my list and please comment about what you have in common with my pet peeves as well.

Talk to you guys later


  1. This list sums up a lot of the little things annoy me too. Especially my sister. Yes I do love her but sometimes it seems that everything she does is just to annoy me. It can get really frustrating but she's my sister and it's her job to be annoying! Writer's block also really annoys me but also when you can't remember a certain word. You know that there is a perfect word that sums up exactly what you want to say but you just can't think of it. This usually ends with me looking up hundreds of different words in a thesaurus until I (hopefully) find the one I need.

  2. I have two younger sisters and an older sister so I can easily relate to siblings being annoying and since my sisters and I are also close to our cousins ( 5 boys) they are just as annoying as siblings especially when it seems their whole goal appears to be to annoy you.