Monday, 31 March 2014

My Defining Moment

Do you guys stop to think about what you are going to do for the rest of your life? For some people it may be more difficult than others, but for me it all came rushing in on the Winter Olympic Games that we held on home turf. That's right, Vancouver 2010. You see, all these world-class athletes duke it out... Some don't make it to the podium, but people of the likes of Clara Hughes, conqueror of mental illness, Alexandre Bilodeau , the first Olympian to get Gold on home soil, the Men's and Women's hockey teams... Shall I go on? If I just cut to the chase... I saw how these athletes made Canada proud, and I too would like to make Canada proud as one of  the "Greatest Olympians of Canada". You might think that I am crazy, but if you see me on the track here or in a different country running my heart out, please cheer for me in full Canadian fashion.
My Defining Moment

My defining moment was February 6th 2012. My neighbour Katelyn Traverso passed away in a very tragic car accident. Her passing left my family in disbelief and our relationship with the Traverso family had changed forever. I remember as a little girl I would always look up to Katelyn. She was always so happy and you rarely saw her without a smile on her face. As a young adult she was very successful, she had so much potential to make it big some day. She had a very promising modeling career and was even a Sunshine Girl. She flew out to California to visit Hollywood all the time. I remember on the day of her passing getting a text from my friend asking what had happened to her, and what I found out later that night changed my outlook on life forever. Her passing taught me a valuable lesson, that life can be over at any moment and you should live it to the very fullest. Now if I have an opportunity I almost never pass it up, I spend time with my friends and family as much as I can and I try my best in almost everything I do whether it be school, soccer, work or anything else. Nobody expected her passing, she was so successful at the age of only 19 and I hope her passing taught not just me but everyone around her a valuable lesson about life.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Defining Moment

For my 9th birthday I received an Ipod nano with only one song on it, Old School by Hedley. Never did I think that band would change my life so much back then. In grade 8 I decided to look into Hedley more and more, and from there my love for music spun out of control. Their music gave me a lot of confidence and really changed me as a person and made me happier. Which may sound strange to some people but it’s amazing how music can affect someone. Now because of Hedley I have such an open, amazing love for music. I wouldn't have made half the friendships I have now. I wouldn't be interested in any of the music I like now. I wouldn't have experienced all the concerts and the positive environment that comes with it. Something I've now grown to be obsessed with. Back in grade 8 I had no idea that looking up Hedley would be a defining moment for me, but I definitely something I've realized now.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Passion for Youth-My Defning Moment

Lauren's Defining Moment

  So like many of you, when I was thinking of choosing my defining moment, I had a bit of a challenge. I'm only sixteen, and there are still some days when  I don't even know who I am. But when I think of what defines us I think of what we are passionate about. Whether it be dance experience, to camp, or the inability to grow a mustache our passions define and determine who we are.

   My passion is youth, mind you I realize I'm a youth myself but bare with me here. The youth I work with range from grade 6-8, and I first started working with youth in the summer of grade nine. The week long camp consisted of going to water parks and amusement parks. 

  One of the things I learned was that working with youth can have its challenges, it took me about two seconds to realize that when your group of kids said "Let's go people jumping!", meant that they would be jumping over people tanning-which would lead to me rushing over and apologizing. Mind you, working with youth has its perks too. I really learned how to communicate with kids. I remember being a kid myself, and knowing when an adult was speaking to you whether they were phony or not. Whether they actually cared, and of course I care about the kids I work with. But it's talking to them on that level of respect where I built great relationships.

  That has now led to me being a consistent youth leader at my church, each week I meet up with my group of grade six girls and its amazing to see how beneficial working with them is. I tell them how much they are valued and worth, and simply loved. Being a youth leader has become a huge part of who I am, and a major defining moment in my life.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Day I Found Out I Couldn't Grow a Moustache

Defining Moment:

The Day I Found Out I Couldn't Grow a Moustache

It was a sad day; October 27th, 2013. It was the day I finally realized I could not grow a moustache. When I was young I always had dreams of growing one but over the years hope has slowly drifted away. The goatee however was never a problem. I have been able to grow some hair on my chin since the early grade nine days, but never the mo. People don’t know what it’s like to have a cold, smooth upper lip among all your facial haired friends. You feel like a small goldfish swimming among a group of sharks; impossibly trying to fit in. Then the same time every year Movember rolls around and I can’t even support my fellow men. It’s a hard life living without a moustache... a very hard life.

My Defining Moment

In life, new interests can sprout up and change your desired goals. For me, I never really was interested in Music when i was young. When i was four, my mother made me learn the piano. At the time i was fine with it, but later on i disliked it. I didn't know many songs that i liked and the songs in the practice book were boring. Thus, i stopped playing piano after achieving level 3. In my elementary school in Markham, grade 6, i started learning how to play the violin. I found it really frustrating trying to place my finger into the correct positions on the fingerboard of the violin. I couldn't play my Violin without a shoulder rest because it feels really uncomfortable pressing the body of the Violin against my collar bone. Playing the Violin didn't really influence me that much probably because i wasn't really fond of the Violin music when i was young.  I learned violin from grade 6 to the middle of grade seven which is when i moved to Orangeville. I went to Princess Margaret P.S. and joined their band program. I spent the rest of grade seven learning how to play the flute which did not turn out that well since i have horrible breath control. The band had mostly wind instruments and after my experience with the flute, i didn't want to play a wind instrument ever again. So, in grade 8, i chose to play drums. I found a pretty nice and simple instrument to play. When later on in high school for my electives, i chose music. I got to learn more about how to play drums. I learned different techniques such as rolls, paradiddles, drags, and flams. Through music i was able to make new friends such as Nehemiah who was in my grade 9 music class.

My defining moment is in grade 9, i was able to join in the ODSS Concert whom were a very welcoming group for newcomers. I had a very fun experience talking to band members and play many interesting pieces. Being a part of this band has sparked my interests in performing music. I also made many new friends in concert band. Before high school started, i wouldn't have imagined myself to really like music. Now i even like to spend my time in the music room drumming away in the mornings.  I've even grown to like many songs played using the past musical instruments i have experienced. Now, i want to try to relearn the past musical instruments too. I want playing music to spend leisure time when i grow older. I have a goal of performing music as a side job int he future. This has been a defining moment where i started to like playing music. Right here at ODSS, this has changed who i am now and my point of view of the type person i want to become. Music is fun, inspirational, and beautiful. I can't wait experience even more!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

My Defining Moment

                                                                 Summer 2013
My defining moment happened the past summer when I applied for a life guarding position at Haliburton Scout Reserve Camp. I got the Job and headed up in the end of June and was there until the end of August. This camp had such an impact on my life because I have made some lifelong memories and friendships that  will never be forgotten. I headed up there not knowing anyone or what's going to happen all summer I was more scared of being away from my family for a whole 2 months then anything. But only 2 days into being up there I completely forgot about my life back home and started to relax. Its so peaceful and stress free being away from technology and not having to worry about anything. Although I was up there and working I can say I was not up there working for the money, as it was not good. But I was up there for the experience of living on 5 thousand acres of forest rivers and lakes.

Honestly Haliburton is my happy place my second home and I wouldn't change any of that for a minute. It upsets me that I can`t spend more than 2 months up there out of the year,the other staff members are like my second family and I can't believe that I didn't know them last year, those friendships are going to last forever. Being up at camp has really affected me as a person, I find when I came home from camp I was a more of an independent, responsible and mature person.  I had many responsibilities this summer that I had to take care of on my own. I think that since i came home I`m a better person over all, the people, the surrounding and the work has affected me in many ways and I can't wait to be back there for another 2 months. The basic life skills and lessons I learned up there I will remember forever, and honestly I wouldn't change one bit of it.  This is why with no doubt about it Haliburton Scout Reserve has being a very important time in my life and I can honestly say i don`t know where my life would be if I didn't apply at that summer camp last year.

My Defining Moment

I believe my defining moment occurred last summer, when I was part of a camp program where all of the participants completed a 5 week canoe trip on the Missinaibi River. This experience had a great impact on my life in many ways. For one I was faced with many challenges which I had to overcome on my own. Some challenges were physically demanding like the 5 km Portage referred to as Hell’s Gate. Others were more simple, like going without technology for 35 days. I believe this helped me to better benefit from this experience because there were no distractions of technology. Overcoming these challenges on my own helped me to grow as an individual. I was also placed with 11 other people, most of whom I did not know. Being able to share this experience with these people helped me to form lifelong friendships. Completing this trip also gave me a large sense of accomplishment. After I was able to essentially live in the wild for 35 days I felt as if I could do anything. Overall this program built on many skills and characteristics to help to define who I am today. 

My Defining Moment

Defining Moment

       For those who don’t know me already, my name is Nicole Brigant and I am an animal lover. I have a particular love for horses. I’ve been in lessons for 7 years and if I had my way, I’d either be a horse, or live on a ranch full of horses. As with all animals, there are personal risks to be around them, it’s just nature, you can fall off and break something, the rare time you can die, very rarely, but in my opinion the benefits far outweigh the risks. If you can find a real bond with a horse, you’ll have a friend for life.
      The moment in my life that I believe is defining was when I was almost trampled on by stampeding horses. Now it’s not as bad as it sounds, and  I wasn’t hurt at all. It happened at around spring last year. I was bringing in my horse from the paddock. He had decided to be at the farthest end possible, while leading him to the gate, the rest of the horses decided that they needed to gallop towards the gate. Since horses are herd animals, my horse went flying along with them. Unable to stop a horse with just a rope, it flew out of my hand leaving a bit of rope burn. If that wasn’t  enough the momentum of my horse threw me down onto the ground. Unfortunately the paddock was ridiculously hilly, you could sled down one hill and fly up the other. So within a split second I tumbled down the hill, when I came to a stop, hearing the horses, I immediately went into the smallest possible crouch position. Horse feet pounded the ground but since I didn’t look up at all, I have no idea if they were really close to me, or if one might’ve jumped over me. After the hoof pounding was drowned out, I got up, grass-stained and a bit shaken. I looked around, I was thrown halfway down the hill, and the horses were just waiting at the gate, looking perfectly innocent. Perfectly unharmed but still a little shaken up.
       After the initial shock was over, I had discovered that I had once been terrified of being run over by horses it was a strong fear. Yet after my experience, I found that I had unknowingly conquered that fear, well before the incident. And looking back through my memories, I found the same thing had happened to many of my fears. Once conquered, they were in someway tested, just to see if I really had got over them. Like being afraid of a horse standing on my foot. The exact day I got over it, two heavy horses decided to stand on the same foot. Again I was fine. The happy conclusion that I can draw from this, is that even if I am terrified of some dangerous situation, my instincts will kick in and protect me, so what things do I actually have to fear, that I won’t conquer?

The musical expression (defining moment)

One defining moment that sticks out the most in my memory was back in the winter of 2008 when I got my first iPod for Christmas, this is when I discovered the joys of music . I started off with downloading the number one hits on iTunes but slowly it progressed into unique music types and genres that would express who I am. This passion is what inspired me to learn the electric guitar and start to create my own music which I am still doing till this day. These are a few reasons on why music helped define and express myself.

Brother from Another Mother

Devin and I in 2012
        I became who I am today through a brotherly-like bond shared between a hockey played that my family billeted, and I. His name is Devin Mantha, and he moved into our home from Michigan when he was 18 to play on the 2006 Jr. A Orangeville crushers. When he first came to our house, he was quiet, shy, and ultimately kept to himself because he was living in a new city, in a new country, with strangers. However, he shortly became a valued member of our family. Not only was he a part of my immediate family, he also became an active member in my extended family and showed up to all of our family events, such as: Christmas dinners, thanksgivings at the cottage, and family birthdays. Eventually, Devin and I became closer than my actual brother and I. While my brother was out hanging with his friends, Devin and I were watching tv, playing video games on his xbox, going out for drives, and just spending the whole day together. I believe that this is the moment that has defined me this far in my life, because Devin was my biggest role model growing up, he was and still is the person who i look up to the most, and most of all, he became a life-long brother to me.

Friday, 21 March 2014

My Defining Moment

8 years, 11 belts and hundreds of classes. I decided to join karate when I was 9 years old but at that age, I never imagined that I would still be doing it today. My defining moment was when I finally earned my black belt. It took years of hard work and practice but it shaped who I am today. In order to get my black belt, I had to do a 15 hour fitness test over 2 days. It pushed everyone to their limits but it also showed me how much I could accomplish if I pushed through the pain and the desire to give up. After passing the fitness test, we had to break through a board representing all of our weaknesses to get our black belt from underneath. Karate has taught me to have a focused and motivated mind-set. When facing a challenge, I have learned to focus on what I need to complete and persevere. I now have a part-time job as a karate coach which has given me many other opportunities to learn and has started to shape who I am as well. Earning my black belt was one of the hardest things I have ever done but also one of the most rewarding.

Defining Moment

If I had to choose one moment that has changed how I looked at my life and what I want to do would be the first time I was in an aircraft. Before getting into that aircraft I was afraid of heights so I was extremely nervous. I felt my nerves and adrenaline building up as the aircraft started down the runway.Once I was in the air I looked down and saw the ant sized people. The world looked like a felt map with toy cars driving along the roads. I was amazed at the view though, I was still afraid of heights. The highest I had been before this was the top hill of Behemoth in Canada’s Wonderland and flying was completely different.

This experience has given me goals and a hope to reach a career. It helped me choose which courses I wanted to take this year. I also chose my courses for next year based on this hopeful dream. I took ground school through air cadets for the past 4 years and plan on getting my pilots licence through cadets. All this work to bring me to the one goal that could seem almost impossible to reach. One day I want to be a commercial pilot and I have a plan to make it possible thanks to that first flight.

My Defining Moment


     It was a beautiful, sunny Friday March 25, 2011. I was happy to be walking home on such a warm day after a long day of school, but little did I know my life was about to change forever. After I walked in the door my parents greeted me and told me my doctor called, with the results of my blood test from the previous day, and that I had to be taken to the ER because I have type one diabetes.

Quick Side Note:

     Type one diabetes is an incurable, hereditary disease, and is thought to be auto-immune because your immune system attacks your pancreas causing it to make too little or no insulin at all. Making someone with type one diabetes insulin-dependent.

     While in someone with type two diabetes your body cannot use the insulin it makes, this can usually be reversed with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Now back to the story...

     After getting to the ER, and being poked with countless needles, the doctor came in to talk to me and my family. He basically said my life would never be the same, I'll have to live with this for the rest of it because it's incurable. That's when the seriousness of the disease hit me. I was in total shock that this would even happen to me! 

     This experience made me appreciate life more, I used to over exaggerate to situations, and say "I hate my life", but I never do that now. Sure this disease is a BIG pain in the ass, but there are other things in life that are worst, just like the song by Monty Python (look below for the video), "always look on the bright side of life", and that's what I do. It also makes me very appreciative of living in Canada and having free health care, and my parents having health insurance, because without it? Man, I'd be broke, this damn disease is so expensive. So, never do I take a day for granted or "wish I wasn't alive" because things can always be worse than they are. I'm just going to live my life with this pain in ass, and I'm going to do it happily.

Here is Monty Python's song "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life"

Have any questions about this disease? Leave them below I'd love to answer them for ya. :)

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Defining Moment

Defining My Own Identity

          One of the largest defining moments in my life has been learning to think for myself. Ever since I was a year old, I was a vegetarian. My mom did all of the cooking and because she didn't eat meat, neither did I. When kids at school asked me, "Why are you a vegetarian?" "Why Don't you eat meat?" I just said "Oh it's healthier, it's better for you" just regurgitating the information I was told and not even really thinking about it at all. It wasn't until 2011, when I watched Food Inc. that I actually thought about it and developed my own will and reason to be a vegetarian.

          Up until that point, I had only thought of meat as just that, meat, food. Being a kid, I hadn't even given thought to the idea that you actually had to kill an animal in order to get meat. Let alone how they show the animals are treated in the documentary. This realization of the cruelty made me reflect on how I hadn't been thinking for myself up until that point, and so I decided that I would always think first, and not just do something or accept information without thinking it over

My Defining Moment

I will never forget my first tap class when I was 4 years old.  After taking ballet the year before I decided I wanted to do something more fun, and with my new tap teacher Miss. Jessica it always was.  She was always so enthusiastic and fun, and made me excited to go back every week.  I adored Miss. Jessica and I wanted to be just like her when I was older.  I would go home and practice all the new steps I had learned and sometimes would even pretend to teach my own class.  It was then that I knew that I wanted to be an amazing dancer and dance teacher just like Miss. Jessica.  As I got older I continued to work hard at dance and I volunteered as an assistant teacher.  Finally for the past few years I have been working for my studio as a dance teacher.  I love dance so much and getting to share my passion with young girls who look up to me is one of my favourite things I do every week.  When I am teaching I remember that first class with Miss. Jessica and aim to be an amazing fun teacher and role model for the kids I am teaching just like her.  Although I don't think I am going to continue being a dance teacher or dancer much longer, it has definitely shaped who I am.  Because of my experience teaching dance, I now also teach swimming lessons too.  Dance has also given me confidence and taught me so many other life lessons.  My jobs teaching and dance are such a huge part of my life and I could not imagine my life without them.  Jessica is still one of my dance teachers today and one of the nicest people I have ever met.  She, my other dance teachers, and dance itself continue to shape who I am everyday.                 

My Defining Moment

Defining Moments

          My defining moment was in the summer of 2009. That was the summer that I spent my first week away from home at Muskoka Woods summer camp. Before going I was terrified to be away from home in a cabin full of people I didn’t know, but I was also equally excited. It took no time for the whole cabin to become extremely close and by the end of the week I had realized how amazing the experience had been. Since that summer I have gone back 5 times increasing the duration of my stay to two weeks. Spending time at camp has taught me many valuable life skills such as; Organization, Independence, increased social skills and ultimately has fueled my desire to travel and experience the world. Without these experiences I would have never come across the opportunity to travel for three months to destinations I had never imagined going to. Starting next September I will be going to Hong Kong, Beijing, North and South Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangkok, Australia and Fiji and then returning home mid December. I already know that this trip will be life altering and will have a strong impact on the person I become and where I am headed in the future. Therefore without my time spent at summer camp I would have never been presented with this opportunity. Which in my opinion is the opportunity of a life time.

My Defining Moment

My Defining Moment

          It had been a long day at school and I was sitting on the couch at home watching tv. Then all of a sudden my dad turned the tv off. He spoke is a stern voice 'we need to talk'. As I walked into the other room my mind was racing. Was I in trouble? Had I done something wrong? And that's when it happened, my defining moment. The day I got my very own  horse.

          My horse's name is Dillon and I've had him for almost four years now. I believe this is my defining moment because I've become so much more responsible. I learned to read subtle cues such as health related and feeling related like happy, sad or nervous. I've also learned how to cope in different situations especially under stress. Which is beneficial during a test at school or a cross country race. Ultimately my defining moment was the day I could call Dillon my own.

Defining Moment

Being only 16 finding a moment that has really defined me was a challenge. Sure there's probably little things that have made me who I am and have helped shape me, but I wouldn't say any have seriously affected me. But living in a world where i'm almost 100% positive everyone knows someone who has divorced parents made me realize having my parents still together has had an effect on me. I'm more than grateful to have parents who are still happily married after 17 years and know that that won't be changing ever. Think it's kind of a weird defining moment? I guess it's not really one moment, it's an ongoing lifetime thing. I get to spend every birthday,christmas, holiday, important moment with both of my parents. From kindergarten graduation to grade 8 grad my parents have attended both together and looking back on it being able to see them there was an experience i've realized not every child has or will have. I don't have a court order stating what parent, I'm with on what day or even what parent I can or can't see. I'm able to call my mom or dad anytime, spend whenever I want with them for as long as I want. I don't have to be involved in the divorce process or pick one parent over the other.
My parents are incredibly loving and supportive towards every choice I make, both good and bad. Divorce hits people of all ages hard, seeing friends wish they had parents that were still together is what really makes me thankful. I've seen my parents work through multiple problems and come out stronger from them, there not always going to see eye to eye, but it has taught me you can overcome anything with time and patience. My family has dinner together at an actual kitchen table almost every single night of the week, i've learnt that's pretty rare these days. Which seems weird to me because it's been that way all 16 years of my life and I find it hard to believe some people don't have it that way. I've become a stronger person through my parents, I get to come home every day and see them both there, the first thing they ask is "how was your day?" They genuinely care and having that positive vibe in my family has made me look at things positively as well. I've learnt how to be independent and to never depend on others through how they seem to be protective and strict. With the rules and guidelines they've provided through their own life experiences i've been able to make better choices and to keep my head up. I've gotten double the support and love 24/7 and can't see a day in the future where that will ever end.

My Defining Moment

My Defining Moment

My family raised me to be my own person, and not to live in someone else’s shadow. Ironically, my defining moment helped me to begin casting my own even larger shadow by learning from someone else’s experiences.

            A few years ago I attended my cousin’s high school graduation. Grade 12 graduation, to me, has always symbolized the orientation into adulthood, having to make decisions for our “grown up” lives. On the day of my cousin’s graduation, as I was listening to the students’ names being called out, I could see the sense of accomplishment in each of their faces. All their hard work paid off and now they were venturing off to pursue their future endeavors.
            It may seem strange that someone else’s defining moment also played a significant role in allowing me to find my own identity. But by being able to put myself in those graduates’ shoes, I realized that I wanted to follow in their footsteps. Ultimately, the graduation instilled in me the desire to achieve my goals. Similarly, after high school I will be well on my way to answering the most asked question, “So, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Chicken Wings


Chicken wings are a food which is enjoyed around the world. They are most common in North America where they are often a food enjoyed in large groups during sporting events. Chicken wings can be cooked and served in a variety of different ways. The spices and sauces are what make them so diverse and loved by many. It is no wonder that their birth place, the city of Buffalo declared July 29, 1977, to be Chicken Wing Day.

Buffalo Wings

The most commonly enjoyed wings are Buffalo wings. Chicken wings are usually served fried and tossed in buffalo sauce. They also come with a side of blue cheese, cellery and carrot sticks. Customers have the option of how spicy they want their wings (mild, medium or hot). The blue cheese and vegetable sticks are meant to cool down the succulent spices of the sauce. The chicken is usually fried, but there is the option of baked or grilled for healthier purposes. Wings can be served in a variety of ways to accomodate specific tastes which make them a food for even the pickiest of people.

Chicken wings are an excellent way to serve chicken. They can be cooked to satsify even the pickiest of eaters because they can be cooked with countless different spices and sauces. Chefs are constantly creating new wing flavours. What might be the next popular flavour?

Movie Night or Life Changing Night?: A Moment of Defenition

I am a young individual. I can’t recall any particularly exciting events that have defined me. But something comes to mind when I think of the things that have been defined by in my life. My ability to enjoy every day. Since this is a way of life, a state of mind, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what moment in my short life that defined this joy. But I am confident that it comes from my upbringing and my inherited sense of humour. Not to mention the earliest memory of shared laughter between my dad and I: the first time we watched Ben Stiller’s Zoolander.

For those of you who have never seen it, Zoolander is a movie about a dim-witted male model named Derek Zoolander. It follows his being brainwashed to kill the Malaysian prime minister by a sinister fashion designer known as Mugatu. The movie has a hilarious cast and a very interesting and creative plot. It has a lot of clever jokes, and a lot of stupid ones. But it’s not the content of this movie that held a defining message. It was the experience of watching it with my dad. See, I couldn’t have been more than ten when I watched this movie for the first time with him. I didn't understand half the jokes, and I couldn’t appreciate the movie’s comedy genius like I can now. But I did know this: my dad was enjoying this movie. whether it was the jokes themselves, their delivery by the actors, or their stupidity, I wanted to enjoy this movie as much as I knew my dad was. I laughed when he laughed. I chose to enjoy that movie. The reason this experience defines who I am today is the realization that we choose our attitudes. I’m not saying being happy is as simple as choosing to do so. But I know that it helps. I found that movie funny back then because I watched it setting myself up to laugh. I find it funny now simply because it is hilarious. But likewise, I enjoy life now by setting myself up to enjoy it. I may not be able to fully appreciate or understand everything that comes my way, but I know that to enjoy the little things is to live life well. And thanks to watching Zoolander, I know it’s in my power to choose to do so.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Fawn in the Forest: Defining Moment


There comes a time when you question what you want to do in life and it is not forever that you will remain in high school, but you will graduate and be awarded the freedom you have been yearning for. You will make a decision whether you want to attend college or university and take on a career. I never had one of these moments. I was set the moment I turned six. As a young girl it was my environment and the nature around me that defined myself. Instead of playing in the neighborhood like most people, I would go into the forest climb trees, catch frogs or hunt for snakes. I was content and I continued growing up in the forest.

I was fourteen when I came across a forest path, the cry of a small woodland animal startled me. It resembled to that of a small lamb. Veering off the path, I was curious and decided to take a look. What I saw was a baby deer not even a week old, but I was more concerned with the blood that clotted the ground. I grew closer to the tiny deer with careful movements. His leg was trapped in between two rocks but that is not where the blood had come from. Where had it come from? I still do not know but I assumed the mother had been injured or possibly killed by coyotes. I picked up the fawn and took it back to my house where we had phoned the SPCA. They took it in but I still do not know what happened after that. Whether it was released after it had been examined or perhaps weaned and then let go, but at that moment I knew for sure what I wanted to be. I wanted to be a veterinarian technician, and I wanted to help any animal that needed it. This is the moment that defined me.


A Defining Moment

When I was 4, I was playing in my room with my little brother and sister. We were having great fun until my door suddenly closed. It got jammed stuck and we couldn't open open it, so then we started to cry. No one else was home, so we sat there for a while. Then, I took a book from the shelf and started to it read to them. It calmed them sown until my mom arrived, then we screamed deafeningly loud when she asked where we were. Now when I look back at it, the entire thing was silly to be scared of, but I think it is a defining moment for me because I did something when we were trapped with no hope of escape. Even though I could not open the door, I still was able to help my brother and sister. This moment taught me that I can always do something to help a situation I have no control of.

My Defining Moment.

My defining moment was December 4th 2006. On that day my brother Darby was born however at the time he was just another family member, still loved but not extremely different. That all changed only a couple hours later when the doctor came in and announced that Darby had Down Syndrome, and even though it was mild it was still going to effect his capabilities later on in his life.


Ever since then the journey with Darby has been one of nothing but learning. He has shown not just me but my entire family that you should always look at the ability not the disability. Today,  Darby goes to regular public school, can read and continues to put a smile on everybody face everyday. Never Again will I judge someone based on their disability.

Why I Hate Missing Keyboard Keys

      Now ever since I've been a kid, I've known that hate is a strong feeling. Its a feeling that is driven from extreme anger and frustration. And this is how I happen to feel when I open up a laptop, or go over to a computer and see a missing key on the keyboard. A missing key not only throws off regular typing and tends to feel awkward, but you can look back on what you've written and realize everything you've written is now missing the letter "T" for instance, because you aren't pressing hard enough on the tiny button that is left.

    I think the first thing I think of, has to be why on earth someone would either tear off a key, or just leave the next computer user with such a disgrace. Second of all, where has this key now vanished to? If it has not been put back, where is this missing key?

    Next, I think I go into a state of self pity, which isn't really a good state to be in. Keyboard keys not not only quickly frustrate someone-but begin to make one think that maybe this is more than just a coincidence. Did I do something to deserve a missing key? Why me? Why was I chosen today to face this challenging circumstance? Quickly a mere key situation has resulted in serious life questions. If your of the sorts of believing in Karma, this missing key may be the sign that you should have called your mother back when you accidentally hung up on her.

Although I appreciate the effort of trying to replace a key with a piece of sticky note paper, it still is not the same. It moves around as you type and forces you to just give up and set it aside. So for future note-since most students use chrome books, and they are similar to macs. Here is a 3 minute tutorial on how to fix a missing key on your keyboard.  As a bonus, it even tells you how to clean the keys. Then I assure you, someones day may be a little brighter.

Monday, 17 March 2014


   It all started back in 2007 when I was 9 when I received my birthday present from my parents, A first generation I-pod nano with Old School by Hedley being the only song on it. I listened to that song like it was my job, whenever I'd have a bad day I'd turn to that song and it never failed to make me happy. In Grade 8 (2011) I decided to look up some more or their songs. After buying all their albums and watching all the interviews. I realized how much I loved them and that there was no going back.

    After four years, five shows and meeting two of the members.  I can strongly say that their one of the strongest influences when it came to building my personality. It opened my world up to different types of music, bands etc.. I've made so many friends through a mutual love for Hedley.

  Watching Hedley grow and be band together is something that has really brought so much joy to my life. Since Hedley started back in 2005 they've always loved their fans unconditionally. Jacob Hoggard (the lead singer) always makes a point at every show to thank everyone "from the bottom of their hearts" for all the support that they've given too the band. (shown in video, plus their song Perfect with a Rihanna twist). From their goofy attitudes to incredible songs Hedley will always  "pick me up when I'm down and... make me smile."- Hands Up, Hedley

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Oscars 2014 (first blog post??)

(I`m sorry I really don`t know what to talk about sorry ok.)
PS I don`t know how many of you will actually care about this but hey, the Oscars were rad this year.

On the evening Sunday March 2nd the 86th Academy Awards ceremony took place. With Ellen Degeneres Hosting the mass spectacle for a second time, it seemed as if both the stars, and viewers (me included) had a great time. Some highlights include Gravity winNING 7 AWARDS. I personally thought this was stupid because to me the movie just consisted of Sandra Bullock waving her arms around wildly, breathing heavily and about 1 million dollars of special effects. Dallas Buyers Club also brought home a couple of the top awards including Mathew McConaughey winning Best Actor and Jared Leto winning Best Supporting Actor. A fan favourite 12 Years A Slave won for Best Picture, and star Lupita Nyong`o won Best Supporting Actress, SHE EVEN BEAT JENNIFER LAWRENCE, UMMM?! But on a more unfortunate note American Hustle shut out this year, winning none of its 10 nominations (why?). As I mentioned before Ellen was the host thing year and she actually broke a record with a selfie she posted on twitter. It quickly became the most retweeted tweet ever, so ya. That basically sums it up so I`ll leave you with the selfie itself as well as a video of the pizza party that Ellen Held.

 Pizza Party

Monday, 10 March 2014

MY FIRST BLOG POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my freakin' gosh! My first blog post (he said sarcastically)!

Hello everybody in 3U English! My name's Nehemiah Weldeab and as you could see I am very excited (not really) to write my first blog post. What shall I talk about....

Sometimes you could see me in class reading a book. That's because I am in the White Pine book club. I love to read really good books, but only a few other peers share this passion for books that I have. At the same time, I could see why there are not a lot of people in the club, because, frankly, the books do not appeal to the audience (the school).
There have been many times where I am reading a book and think "Why on earth did I start this book in the first place?" and other times thinking "THAT BOOK WAS AWESOME!!!!" (sadly the latter is fewer than the first). I think that happens a lot regardless if you are in the book club, or in a library trying to find a book that you will like.
But, I think there should be a push in the nominations to be even more in-tune with the peers so that there will be more lifelong readers (like I hope I will become) and that there would be more of a presence of this club in the English courses of schools in all of Canada. Because really, who doesn't think that giving the peers a voice a bad thing? If you have no idea what I am talking about, come to White Pine book club at lunch and have your questions answered. Become part of the community of readers all across Canada with me this semester!

On some unrelated news, the movie Divergent is coming out on March 21! Come on, after clicking on the video below and watching this trailer, tell me that it is not like the Hunger Games. Something feels very fishy to me. The only way to figure out if they are the same is to read these books, right?

Anyways, enough of me ranting. Talk to you all later,


Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are necessary for a balanced healthy diet. The videos and information stating other wise is wrong. Chickens are not crushed up and made into some gross pink paste. No they are made like any other product containing chicken is. There not "mystery meat" either, chicken nuggets are chicken. Now it may depend on where you're purchasing your chicken nuggets, I prefer DQ chicken nuggets but McDonalds are good to. Realistically there is no such thing as a bad chicken nugget, it's just not possible. The ingredient list for fast food may be concerning but it's not like you're buying fast food nuggets every day. Well some people may but that's because they realize how good nuggets really are. If its really that big of a deal make your own homemade chicken nuggets, do not cut out chicken nuggets from someones life just because they may not be the healthiest option. They are just as healthy as any other chicken product, they just taste way better. 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Some Stuff I Like

        Well, I like a lot of stuff. Aslan the lion is one of these things. Although I mostly dislike cats, this guy is different. This lion represents the eternal comfort and might of a beautiful being.
Look at that. Is there anyone more fit to rule over a land of massive talking animals, centaurs, and giants? I don't think so. He's voiced by Liam Neeson in the films which I don't agree with, but they can't all be James Earl Jones.

        Second, Tarzan. That guy's pretty cool. He can speak ape, don't ask me how. Who would win between him and any of the lions from The Lion King? Tarzan, obviously. Hey beat the pants off of that jungle cat with a stone spear and put a full grown gorilla in a head lock for goodness' sake. Aslan could beat him though because has serious powers. So the fact that Aslan could beat Tarzan makes him even cooler.  

        Next, chimps dressed as or acting like people. Let's take a second to appreciate that: 
Sweet diggity that's entertaining. Do you figure they like dressing like that? If you leave a chimp in a room with a tux, how long will it take him to put it on?

Thursday, 6 March 2014


One of my favourite bands, as you can see from my profile picture, is Oasis. The first song I heard by them was "Lyla" from their album Don't Believe the Truth in 2005. Ever since then I have been their biggest fan. 

The band's lead singers are the Gallagher brothers Liam and Noel, and 

above is a timeline of all the other band members starting from previous 
to most recent.

Noel Gallagher
Liam Gallagher

My favourite album by Oasis is (What's the Story) Morning Glory? and it was released back in 1995. I enjoy it so much because my all time favourite song, "Don't Look Back in Anger", is on it. I also love the songs "Champagne Supernova" and the most popular songs of theirs "Wonderwall".

Here is Oasis's "Don't Look Back in Anger"

All Time Low

Modern music now a days isn't really what I listen to. I don't like rap all that much and pop is an annoying repetition of the same verses. I like alternative music and pop-punk but my favourite band is All Time Low :D They are a group of guys who have come a long way.

From Baltimore Maryland USA formed in 2003, All Time Low consists of four guys, Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson and Zachary Merrick. They're a fun group of quirky guys that can get anyone laughing. They may seem a little immature and inappropriate but that is what makes these guys so likable. They are very real, down to Earth and enjoy connecting with their fans.

Their former labels were Emerald Moon and Interscope, but they now remain with Hopeless Records.

Popular in America, All Time Low has released multiple albums. (My favourite happens to be Nothing Personal.)
I found a video that isn't as interesting but.... this is one of the only ones where they aren't swearing or being inappropriate. :D

I've been to one of their concerts January 16th in 2013 at the Toronto Sound Academy. It was a fun experience and one of my best concert experiences. It is for certain I will be going to another one of their concerts in the near future.

It's nice to take a break from the modern world's version of music.


Photo: It's amazing how far we have come in this past year, let alone the past 4!! I love this boy so much! <3

If you didn't already know, I love horses. They are practically my whole life. In the picture is me on my horse Dillon and the video is of Stacey Westfall preforming her famous ride with no saddle or bridle. I tried to upload a video of me riding without a saddle or bridle but computers hate me so....yeah. Anyway enjoy.

Dillon will be 12 on April 22. He is an Appaloosa cross Arabian which means he is cut out to do anything and everything from barrel racing to show jumping. In fact this summer we will be competing in eventing which is a 3 component show that involves dressage, show jumping and cross country. 


 huge hits are a major part of football and rugby but are the concussions worth it? the rate of concussions are growing specially in high school level  leading to earlier complications and brain damage. This needs to stop or at least find away to diminish the rate.