Wednesday, 18 June 2014


A recent trend on twitter is the King himself, LeBron James.  During game 1 in a big series, LeBron was forced to leave the court with 4 minutes left in the game to watch his team lose 110-95 to the spurs.  What was his reason to need to leave? #crampsMiami Heat forward LeBron James (6) is helped from the court by guard Mario Chalmers (15), guard Dwyane Wade (3), Erik Spoelstra, front, right, and Rashard Lewis, right rear, during the second half in Game 1 of the NBA basketball finals on Thursday, June 5, 2014 in San Antonio. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

The stadium played in was super hot due to the air conditioner being broken, so there should be no surprise that one of the hardest working set of legs on the court would be affected.  Leg cramps are a common thing among athletes.  Especially the ones putting in the time and effort like LeBron.  If it was anyone else it probably would not be that big of a deal, but since it was one of the leaders on the court it would not be looked past.  Social media took off in tweets commenting on his weakness of "just having cramps" and comparing him to other great players.  Of course though the tweets did not include the heat conditions, they just focused on questioning the greatness of LeBron.


This Has got to be one of the funniest memes out about LeBron Cramping

Due to social media athletes and famous people now have to deal with a new type of expression by fans.  Not only can fans go and cheer or boo,and send hate or fan mail, but they can also post their views toward this person on social media for all to see, and play off of.  With one person starting the tweets everyone else can see them, especially when they are trending under their name.  Even large name companies like Gatorade got in on the fun tweeting to LeBron it is too bad that he choose to go with another drink because he would not be cramping if he was drinking there stuff.

The hashtag LeBron shows us how fast things can be blown up and start trending on twitter and other social media sites.  LeBron James is an incredible athlete, but because he is viewed so greatly one little slip will not be missed, and with social media it blows up into something way bigger.  No longer is his injury just a small struggle he has to deal with, but they are also causing the questioning of his manly-hood by many.  Social media can take something small and make it huge due to how fast it can spread for everyone to see.  Always be careful what you choose to post on media because if people take interest it could grow to be something way bigger than you expected.    


Basically every Sunday if you go look on Instagram or Twitter you will see #selifesunday. #selfiesunday is where people mostly teenage girls post selfies which is a photo of them self with the hastag selfiesunday. This hastag was created so teens can post more pictures of them self. There really is no point of this hashtag but mainly to show people the selfie they took, because they have nothing better to do Personally I think that this hashtag has no point to it like all the other hashtags out there.Overall #selfiesunday can have some funny pictures or really weird ones it all depends on the person.



In April of 2014 276 Nigerian girls were kidnapped from what is suppose to be a safe place, their school. The girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram, an Islamic Jihadist and Takfiri terrorist organization based in northeast Nigeria. This group is opposed to westernization and the education of  women. This terrorist group began to convert these girls to Islam and sell them into marriage. When the girls were located, the Nigerian Chief of Defense Staff did not allow for a forceful rescue in fear of collateral damage. Due to the controversy of how to deal with this situation and bring back the girls home safely, parents and other people around the world displayed their frustration over social media. This was very helpful as many of the mothers did not want to speak publicly during protests to ensure their child was not receiving the punishment. On may 3rd and 4th, many protests were held around the world and at the same time, the hashtag #bringbackourgirls spread globally. The hashtag has become a form of activism in order to pressure America into helping rescue these girls. “We’re being tweeted into combat,” an anonymous military official told CBC News. #bringbackourgirls is putting pressure on both Nigeria as well as other countries the more popular and globalized it becomes. By sending a strong united message over social media, the hashtag could live up to its purpose and change could happen through a push of the "Tweet" to awake global consciousness.  


(Michelle Obama as well as other powerful celebrities posted pictures with this hashtag which increased the use of this hashtag even more.)