Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Teen Hashtags

But First, Let me take a Selfie:
An analytic blog post towards the self obsessed teen generation and the use of #me

The third most popular hashtag used on social media network Instagram, is #me. I'm not even joking although I wish I was. #Me? Maybe you were bored, and maybe you just wanted followers but #me? Its so insignificant I can't believe it. It has no meaning,  no diverse or interesting topic to discuss. Just me. And although you may be thinking, there could be worse hashtags out there-quite frankly I feel like this hashtag alludes to a bigger and more significant problem; the self absorption of our generation. Everything is about the focus on ourselves, from getting likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter, and comments on Instagram. I don't know how many times I've heard "She got 66 likes in only 5 minutes!", and I'll have to admit although impressive-its kind of foolish. One of the biggest faults in our world is the over focus we have on ourselves. You need to buy the right clothes, have the right house, you need you need you need so that everyone else will notice you. And so the whole world is just being consumed with selfish people trying to up one their peers. There was a video released on Youtube called "Elders people react to Selfie Song". Recently this annoying song that basically describes our generation came out, bearing the line "But first, let me take a selfie". The elders watching the video were surprised, and their comments? Even more surprising. Things like "When I was a teenager I didn't have time to take selfies", or "a self obsessed generation more like it". And the worst thing of all, is I believe the more focus we have on ourselves and the harder we try to get likes and comments and follows or whatever- the more unhappy and unsatisfied we'll be because you'll never be satisfied in finding your worth in likes or comments. Hashtags like #me, are just a clear representation of how much our generation is self indulged. Its hashtags about cancer prevention, world issues, and interesting topics that can give us hope for a generation interested in more, than just themselves.


  1. I didn't even know this hashtag existed. It was really awkward reading those tweets!

  2. I agree about how this hash-tag was very much unneeded and i think the idea of this "self obsessed generation" is mostly due to social media as teens fell the need to tell the world about everything from a life event like getting accepted into your choice college to what you ate for dinner last night believing the world wants to know these things.