Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Very Annoying Things

Very Annoying Things

There are an immeasurable amount of things that annoy me on a daily basis, but the two that I can focus on are the ones that are repeated on a nearly daily basis.

1. My Parents

Again, too many things to count, but the repetitive thing that’s getting worse, is my parents phasing out on our conversations. Which suddenly become very one-sided, and are left with me casually dropping in something like monkey butts, or the cat had a conversation with a chicken about table etiquette, into the conversation.  This of course results in an exasperated kid with comically bewildered parents. And if that’s not a big enough switch up, the other day eating out, coincidently while finding myself in an unintentional single sided conversation, I look over to see both my parents on their phones. Texting. At a restaurant. Sometimes I end up feeling like the parent, I’m just glad I don’t have to pay the mortgage too.

2. My Cat

A constant annoyance that never relents and could be timed to a clock. My cat has the brain size of a walnut. And as such, keeps forgetting things like its winter outside. Both front and back of the house. And yes it will still be that way, no matter how many times you try, again and again. It will be the same. Also she has the annoying habit, now that it’s summer, of coming in, taking a nibble of food, and then going out. 5 minutes later (exactly) in again, then again, and again, and again. At least fifteen times a day on the weekend, howling at amazing decibels if we are not there to assist, ahem serve, her immediately.

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  1. Your cat story is so accurate to 90% of the worlds cats it's hilarious. My cat use to do the same thing. Walk to one door to be let outside, then walk around to the back door just to be let in again. Then she'd just stroll right back to the front door. Cat's are such a pain, but we love them anyway.