Monday, 16 June 2014


Yeah, there's an "Olympics" for it now.

So here's the rundown, a Selfie is simple enough, a picture of oneself taken by oneself. But the #selfieolympics took a twist on your everyday selfie around September of last year. Since the 2014 Sochi Olympics were on there way, twitter wanted there own Olympics that your everyday selfie enthusiast could participate in.

Selfies should not be neglected! They are an art form of our generation and should be treasured by our general public, gosh darn it! 

The competition was simple, someone would post a selfie of themselves doing something ridiculous and extravagant and people would try and out due one another. Of course, all via the hashtag #selfieolympics.

 Things were reasonably normal. For a little while..

Being sprawled out over doors and was common, oh, wow, so flexible.



Okay calm down friends

After Ferdinand's plane crashed, He thought, might as well take a selfie! 

                                                              Then things got weird

Personal favourite

I don't understand

One of the biggest, most well known entries into the #selfieolympics was, of course, at the Olympics themselves.

Jeez, Shaun White, don't you have enough medals already? Do you really need another?

The #selfieolympics died out as soon as the Sochi Olympics were over, though, there were no real winners to this internet sensation. If your selfie went viral and was mocked by the world wide web.  I'd consider yourself a winner.


  1. Through this whole selfie phase I found this one... to be the most funniest and craziest. Canadian Jared Frank was on holiday in Peru when he tried to take a selfie with a moving train from 'safe' distance, this video is going for $30,000 (£17,800) to $250,000 (£149,000) for his misfortune - and that's just his cut of advertising revenue from being viewed on YouTube.

    1. AHH That's so hilarious. I've seen rumors that the conductors foot was there to protect him from a part of the train that stuck out the side. So instead of getting hit with the pole sticking out, it was his foot instead. I can't find anything that proves that. I don't know if I should believe it. But, I had paused the video to see if I could see any part of the train sticking out. But instead I got a really great freeze frame of the guys face being impaled by a running shoe. 10/10 great video.

  2. The selfie olympics are legendary!! I can honestly say I spent countless nights looking, laughing and sharing the best of all the selfies. Now yes it may have gotten slightly out of hand but that is all apart of the fun in my opinion. The extremes that some people went to, to have the best selfie is amazing. People literally covered their bodies in food and paint, they filled their bathroom with objects that in no way belong. So because of the absolute stupidity of the selfie olympics I will admit that I loved it.

  3. This blog post and Raven's input inspired me to search up the best selfies and this is the result: , I am aware that this video is 9-10 minutes long but it had me laughing through the whole thing.
    Selfie's even though they are stupid are amazing and used to entertain the users. Tonight starting after school, Jasmin and I will be starting our own selfie olympics... I of course will be the winner.

  4. I remember seeing some of these on the internet and being thoroughly confused (ex.Pb & J picture), I thought people were just doing it randomly since I don't use twitter. Knowing that there was a purpose to it (sort of) at least makes them slightly less strange with popularity on social media being so desired and prevalent today