Wednesday, 18 June 2014


#MyFeminismLooksLike First appeared on December 14, 2013 and was created by@prisonculture. The hashtag celebrates the various ways feminism looks according self-identified feminists. This hashtag expels the generalized stereotype of feminists just being women who are against men. The real aim for feminism is to just establish equal rights for women, simple as that. Feminists often get a bad wrap for just being man hating feminists. But not all feminists are like this and that is what this hashtag is trying to show.
This is what I mean:
This hashtag has been featured on various social media websites like twitter, tumblr and instagram. There is even a whole blog dedicated to posting these pictures with the hashtag #MyFeminismLooksLike.

This was the original photo that begun the hashtag #MyFeminismLooksLike.
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Others followed like:

Here is my awesome staff from the Women’s Center at UMBC including me, in the background!  Thanks for all your support!!xoxo Kelly

Overall, this hashtag celebrates the the various forms of feminists in the world and not solely women. I would consider myself as a feminist because I believe that all humans are created equal. Women are always held lower than men and they can never rise higher than them. But I think one day we should try. Being a feminist means that you believe in women, and this is what #MyFeminismLooksLike. 


  1. First of all, some of your writing is in grey while some is in black!! Other than that feminism has been confusing to me, but now I can understand the topic. Thanks for the clarification!

  2. I really think this hashtag is a really good one to have because I agree that society mainly views feminists as man hating women. For example in the movie legally blonde the character who is a feminist is a lesbian. I don't know why we view it this way because it totally goes off the whole main goal of trying to make things equal. I am happy that there is a hashtag like this to show what feminism is truly about.

  3. Thanks for your feed back Amanda. I believe it's just a predetermined generalization that feminist's are labelled with in today society. Also many people don't actually know the aim of feminists and seem to just go along with what society says about them, in this case, the man hating feminist. I would also like to point out the fact that the three top searches that come up in google when you type in "Feminists are" is: stupid, sexist and annoying. We're not all like that. :) :)