Friday, 13 June 2014


Honestly I don't really understand the idea of this hash-tag thing. Looking through the lists of most used hash-tags on twitter or where ever else most of them seem quite pointless or self obsessed such as #me, #hair or even #now. I don't see why anyone would want to look up post under half these hash-tags because it just seems ridiculous but I think the most ridiculous hash-tag I've seen so far is #overhashtaging. I mean the hash-tag explains itself but why use it? If you already think you are "overhashtaging" why add another hash-tag to you list of hash-tags. I think I saw two twitter post which actually made a point with this hash-tag. One lead to another webpage about an "App to Curb Hashtag Abuse" ( ). I agree with the few people who seem to think that this whole hashtag thing has become pointless and could be alot more useful than it is.

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