Friday, 13 June 2014


          I really don't like social media much, for many reasons. I find it in many cases an obstacle which prevents people from actually socializing, and/or a medium for complaining, judgment, and displaying what we wrongly value as a society. When looking through a list of the most used hashtags, I was displeased. Whether it was their pointless nature (#look, #my), their self obsessive nature (#me, #follow), or their idolization (#louistomlinson, #harrystyles), I was annoyed. But in the midst of these vessels into the foolish black hole of time we call hashtags, I found one pleasing. #Blessed is different. It is an example of the many, but too few hashtags which show the author's perhaps small, but present, appreciation of life. When so much of the internet revolves around degrading or non-constructive material, there is exceptions.

          Don't get me wrong, people still use this hashtag to say stupid things, but many times -for a change- we see thought provoking words behind it. The hashtag #blessed is an example of the hope I have for social media. That it can be used with other positive, though provoking hashtags (#thinkaboutit, #proverb) to be a medium for appreciation, and the development of positive attitudes towards ourselves and one another.   


  1. thank goodness there are examples that use the available technology correctly. Although you have to wade through the ridiculous comments, it's heartening to know that people can still pump up ideas instead of pulling others down.

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  3. I feel your pain Josh, It always makes me mad when people blow hash tags out of the water like every word in the description of the photo is a separate hash tag. This makes hash tags more of a joke and meaningless unless they are actually talking about something important like praying for the less fortunate. I hope we find more of these kind of hash tags like this in the future.