Friday, 13 June 2014


Ah yes transformations, everyone goes through them throughout their life. Why not share those transformations with the world? Well you can, with the #transformationtuesday hashtag. What type of transformation should you post? It’s all up to you, before and after are the common choice to create them often people use a photo collage maker apps to break up the photo into two parts so that one side shows the before photo and the other side shows the after photo. New haircut? #transformationtuesday, lost weight? #transformationtuesday, got a makeover? #transformationtuesday, puberty changed you? #transformationtuesday. Want a creative way to break up with someone? #transformationtuesday. No I did not put that last one in by accident, it has been done…

A teenager from Georgia posted two photos to Instagram using the #TransformationTuesday hashtag to break up with his girlfriend,in the first photo he’s seen with his girlfriend and the second he had cropped her out, quite creative if you ask me, she was clearly unaware with the comment “is this your way of breaking up with me”. How are teenage boys going to top this break up?

So next time you want to share your transformation, just add the hashtag and share it with the world, i’m sure everyone will be proud of it or maybe it will result in a breakup. I’ll leave you with a transformation of 5 year old Madison to Madison now #transformationtuesday

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