Friday, 13 June 2014


#tbt to prom 2k14
#tbt to California
The youth today seem to have a specific hashtag for almost every day of the week: starting on #mancrushmonday then, #transformationtuesday, #womancrushwednesday, #throwbackthursday and so on. 

#tbt with my best friend

The specific hashtag that I will be discussing is #throwbackthursday or #tbt. #throwbackthursday gives the user an opportunity to share interesting pictures from their past that would be irrelevant on any other day of the week. It also gives people the chance to share pictures of how different they look as a result of puberty, exercise or any other changes that they might have made. 

Due to the fact that Instagram and Twitter delete some old and inappropriate posts, it is impossible to show exactly where this hashtag originated. Multiple web pages believe that the first post was sometime in the year 2011 and quickly became popular in 2012 when it was used by major celebs including Beyoncé and the Kardasians.

Personally, I love this hashtag because it allows me to relive incredible memories. When I want to post a #tbt, I look through my pictures and remember the memories. Also it allows people to see young pictures of their new friends doing fun things. This gives you the chance to know more about your friends past, before you ever knew them.

How do you feel about #tbt?


  1. Steven I personally love the hashtag #tbt because of all of the reasons you stated. It is a great way to share memories from the past with people who may not have heard about them or to relive the memories with those who were there. So I have to say out of all of the hashatgs you listed at the beginning this one has to be my all time favourite, and it is the only one that really has meaning.

  2. I love the hashtag tbt, it's an awesome way to remember old experiences and share them with your friends. Personally, my favourite kind of tbt is the pictures of my friends when they were kids. Your picture with Devon might be one of my all time favourites!!!