Saturday, 14 June 2014


One day as I was traversing through my Facebook feed, I saw an article about a new extreme stunt that was becoming all the rage around the world.


And yes, there is a hashtag to go along with that as well.

Rooftopping is now an employed method for photographers around the world to get that breath-taking shot. They definitely got the wow-factor that they are looking for, as they scale up buildings with no safety harness at all whatsoever. But, if caught, they will be arrested for doing these very stupid stunts.

*Rant Mode ON*

This really shows how much society is pushing photographers to get better and better shots that even photographers have to risk their lives just for a good shot (how society wants more, more, more). Kind of like how society is always pushing for bigger, better, faster, stronger machines, people and everything in between.  I really don't think that you need to scale buildings and take pictures from the top of them to get the best shot. I really think every now and then, we should look back  and slow-down instead of keeping a merciless pace that is more than capable of killing people.

*Rant Mode OFF*

As for this hashtag, what better way to show off your amazing pictures through social networking, right? Probably one of the best ways to get buzz about you as a photographer and amaze people at the same time.

Anyways, enjoy these pictures that popped up when I searched #rooftopping.


  1. It's when we become more technologically advanced, there are demands for even better things. Looking back at what we call 'old movies' where it is all black and white, those were an amazing thing back then. Even the movie "The Shining" was a scary thing to people. Now I laugh at it like it's nothing. As time goes on, things get better and it seems like in this case, photographers are pressured to top popular shots they've seen.

    It's like Psy's 'Gangnam Style'. It was his first hit and a very popular song. I'd imagine he was trying to climb to great heights to top his last song. Which unfortunately, didn't happen.

    Sure these photos are actually really cool to look at, it just scares me that they're risking their lives trying to please us, the viewers.

  2. It's true that people will never be content with what there is. We always overlook the amazingly simple, unchanging things in search for something "better". But what we need to realize is there is nothing better than the amazing things we already have. When I see a picture of a city shot from a location which the photographer risked their life to access, I am just as awed as when I look at the structure of a leaf right outside. If we as a population can't be happy with what we have, we never will. Even with flying cars or super advanced entertainment systems.

  3. This reminds me of planking, except way more dangerous. Seriously, who comes up with these stunts!? It's awesome, but people are now risking their lives and also breaking the law for internet fame, something more and more people try to get with these hashtags.

  4. I for one enjoy pictures like this as a picture itself. And I like the element of danger behind it. But to put yourself in actual danger in order to take a picture to please the media is a little ridiculous. Your right to say that people need to stop expecting bigger and more extravagant things. People need to stop and appreciate what they have around them before they expect more. How are they really going to appreciate something extreme like that if they can't appreciate the things around them.

  5. I think the people that do this must be crazy. Although the pictures above are pretty amazing, is the danger involved really worth instagram likes? Seems like these people have their priorities wrong. Scaling a building without proper safety equipment is just plain stupid!