Friday, 7 March 2014

Some Stuff I Like

        Well, I like a lot of stuff. Aslan the lion is one of these things. Although I mostly dislike cats, this guy is different. This lion represents the eternal comfort and might of a beautiful being.
Look at that. Is there anyone more fit to rule over a land of massive talking animals, centaurs, and giants? I don't think so. He's voiced by Liam Neeson in the films which I don't agree with, but they can't all be James Earl Jones.

        Second, Tarzan. That guy's pretty cool. He can speak ape, don't ask me how. Who would win between him and any of the lions from The Lion King? Tarzan, obviously. Hey beat the pants off of that jungle cat with a stone spear and put a full grown gorilla in a head lock for goodness' sake. Aslan could beat him though because has serious powers. So the fact that Aslan could beat Tarzan makes him even cooler.  

        Next, chimps dressed as or acting like people. Let's take a second to appreciate that: 
Sweet diggity that's entertaining. Do you figure they like dressing like that? If you leave a chimp in a room with a tux, how long will it take him to put it on?

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