Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My Defining Moment.

My defining moment was December 4th 2006. On that day my brother Darby was born however at the time he was just another family member, still loved but not extremely different. That all changed only a couple hours later when the doctor came in and announced that Darby had Down Syndrome, and even though it was mild it was still going to effect his capabilities later on in his life.


Ever since then the journey with Darby has been one of nothing but learning. He has shown not just me but my entire family that you should always look at the ability not the disability. Today,  Darby goes to regular public school, can read and continues to put a smile on everybody face everyday. Never Again will I judge someone based on their disability.

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  1. Adam, thanks for sharing this. Darby is fortunate to have a great big brother, but I also think you are lucky, too. It is clear that Darby has enriched your life.