Monday, 31 March 2014

My Defining Moment

My defining moment was February 6th 2012. My neighbour Katelyn Traverso passed away in a very tragic car accident. Her passing left my family in disbelief and our relationship with the Traverso family had changed forever. I remember as a little girl I would always look up to Katelyn. She was always so happy and you rarely saw her without a smile on her face. As a young adult she was very successful, she had so much potential to make it big some day. She had a very promising modeling career and was even a Sunshine Girl. She flew out to California to visit Hollywood all the time. I remember on the day of her passing getting a text from my friend asking what had happened to her, and what I found out later that night changed my outlook on life forever. Her passing taught me a valuable lesson, that life can be over at any moment and you should live it to the very fullest. Now if I have an opportunity I almost never pass it up, I spend time with my friends and family as much as I can and I try my best in almost everything I do whether it be school, soccer, work or anything else. Nobody expected her passing, she was so successful at the age of only 19 and I hope her passing taught not just me but everyone around her a valuable lesson about life.


  1. Rachel, I am very sorry for your loss of a close family friend, and I am also sorry for the impact that it has left on your family to this day. I also remember the day that I heard about Katelyn's passing. Due to the fact that I had to connections to her or the rest of the Traverso family, I still was effected. It has also made me realize that life can end when someone least expects it, and that you should live every day like it is your last. I could not imagine how it must have felt for you and your family to experience this tragedy. I am happy that you have taken this experience as a life lesson, I'm sure she would want nothing less.

  2. Rachel, sorry to hear about your recent loss I know what its like to loose someone that's so close to you. Its a real eye opener that makes you realize that everyday is a gift. I'm sure this moment helped you grow as a person and I wish you well on your future endeavours.