Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Defining Moment

In life, new interests can sprout up and change your desired goals. For me, I never really was interested in Music when i was young. When i was four, my mother made me learn the piano. At the time i was fine with it, but later on i disliked it. I didn't know many songs that i liked and the songs in the practice book were boring. Thus, i stopped playing piano after achieving level 3. In my elementary school in Markham, grade 6, i started learning how to play the violin. I found it really frustrating trying to place my finger into the correct positions on the fingerboard of the violin. I couldn't play my Violin without a shoulder rest because it feels really uncomfortable pressing the body of the Violin against my collar bone. Playing the Violin didn't really influence me that much probably because i wasn't really fond of the Violin music when i was young.  I learned violin from grade 6 to the middle of grade seven which is when i moved to Orangeville. I went to Princess Margaret P.S. and joined their band program. I spent the rest of grade seven learning how to play the flute which did not turn out that well since i have horrible breath control. The band had mostly wind instruments and after my experience with the flute, i didn't want to play a wind instrument ever again. So, in grade 8, i chose to play drums. I found a pretty nice and simple instrument to play. When later on in high school for my electives, i chose music. I got to learn more about how to play drums. I learned different techniques such as rolls, paradiddles, drags, and flams. Through music i was able to make new friends such as Nehemiah who was in my grade 9 music class.

My defining moment is in grade 9, i was able to join in the ODSS Concert whom were a very welcoming group for newcomers. I had a very fun experience talking to band members and play many interesting pieces. Being a part of this band has sparked my interests in performing music. I also made many new friends in concert band. Before high school started, i wouldn't have imagined myself to really like music. Now i even like to spend my time in the music room drumming away in the mornings.  I've even grown to like many songs played using the past musical instruments i have experienced. Now, i want to try to relearn the past musical instruments too. I want playing music to spend leisure time when i grow older. I have a goal of performing music as a side job int he future. This has been a defining moment where i started to like playing music. Right here at ODSS, this has changed who i am now and my point of view of the type person i want to become. Music is fun, inspirational, and beautiful. I can't wait experience even more!


  1. Michael, I love how you persisted, despite the instruments you first started out with weren't to your liking. I'm even further impressed that you have fostered an appreciation for music and want to try out the instruments you originally disliked.

  2. I totally agree with you Michael, joining band was a great experience for me too! I can't wait to continue band and participate in so many great things. Like last Saturdays band social, It was so much fun!

  3. Like Mrs. Lee I found it really interesting that you continued in music even though you originally disliked it with the instrument you started with. I also liked how you talked about all the experiences you have gotten by joining a school activity. I am a part of other school activities and I agree that they introduce you to awesome new friends and are a lot of fun to be a part of. It is cool how OD has activities, clubs and teams for all different types of interests.