Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Why I Hate Missing Keyboard Keys

      Now ever since I've been a kid, I've known that hate is a strong feeling. Its a feeling that is driven from extreme anger and frustration. And this is how I happen to feel when I open up a laptop, or go over to a computer and see a missing key on the keyboard. A missing key not only throws off regular typing and tends to feel awkward, but you can look back on what you've written and realize everything you've written is now missing the letter "T" for instance, because you aren't pressing hard enough on the tiny button that is left.

    I think the first thing I think of, has to be why on earth someone would either tear off a key, or just leave the next computer user with such a disgrace. Second of all, where has this key now vanished to? If it has not been put back, where is this missing key?

    Next, I think I go into a state of self pity, which isn't really a good state to be in. Keyboard keys not not only quickly frustrate someone-but begin to make one think that maybe this is more than just a coincidence. Did I do something to deserve a missing key? Why me? Why was I chosen today to face this challenging circumstance? Quickly a mere key situation has resulted in serious life questions. If your of the sorts of believing in Karma, this missing key may be the sign that you should have called your mother back when you accidentally hung up on her.

Although I appreciate the effort of trying to replace a key with a piece of sticky note paper, it still is not the same. It moves around as you type and forces you to just give up and set it aside. So for future note-since most students use chrome books, and they are similar to macs. Here is a 3 minute tutorial on how to fix a missing key on your keyboard.  As a bonus, it even tells you how to clean the keys. Then I assure you, someones day may be a little brighter.

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