Thursday, 6 March 2014


One of my favourite bands, as you can see from my profile picture, is Oasis. The first song I heard by them was "Lyla" from their album Don't Believe the Truth in 2005. Ever since then I have been their biggest fan. 

The band's lead singers are the Gallagher brothers Liam and Noel, and 

above is a timeline of all the other band members starting from previous 
to most recent.

Noel Gallagher
Liam Gallagher

My favourite album by Oasis is (What's the Story) Morning Glory? and it was released back in 1995. I enjoy it so much because my all time favourite song, "Don't Look Back in Anger", is on it. I also love the songs "Champagne Supernova" and the most popular songs of theirs "Wonderwall".

Here is Oasis's "Don't Look Back in Anger"

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