Thursday, 6 March 2014

All Time Low

Modern music now a days isn't really what I listen to. I don't like rap all that much and pop is an annoying repetition of the same verses. I like alternative music and pop-punk but my favourite band is All Time Low :D They are a group of guys who have come a long way.

From Baltimore Maryland USA formed in 2003, All Time Low consists of four guys, Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson and Zachary Merrick. They're a fun group of quirky guys that can get anyone laughing. They may seem a little immature and inappropriate but that is what makes these guys so likable. They are very real, down to Earth and enjoy connecting with their fans.

Their former labels were Emerald Moon and Interscope, but they now remain with Hopeless Records.

Popular in America, All Time Low has released multiple albums. (My favourite happens to be Nothing Personal.)
I found a video that isn't as interesting but.... this is one of the only ones where they aren't swearing or being inappropriate. :D

I've been to one of their concerts January 16th in 2013 at the Toronto Sound Academy. It was a fun experience and one of my best concert experiences. It is for certain I will be going to another one of their concerts in the near future.

It's nice to take a break from the modern world's version of music.

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