Saturday, 22 March 2014

My Defining Moment

I believe my defining moment occurred last summer, when I was part of a camp program where all of the participants completed a 5 week canoe trip on the Missinaibi River. This experience had a great impact on my life in many ways. For one I was faced with many challenges which I had to overcome on my own. Some challenges were physically demanding like the 5 km Portage referred to as Hell’s Gate. Others were more simple, like going without technology for 35 days. I believe this helped me to better benefit from this experience because there were no distractions of technology. Overcoming these challenges on my own helped me to grow as an individual. I was also placed with 11 other people, most of whom I did not know. Being able to share this experience with these people helped me to form lifelong friendships. Completing this trip also gave me a large sense of accomplishment. After I was able to essentially live in the wild for 35 days I felt as if I could do anything. Overall this program built on many skills and characteristics to help to define who I am today. 


  1. Great picture, Katrina. From your post, it is incredibly clear the impact this experience had in shaping the current you. I'm in awe of anyone who can spend five weeks in the wilderness and still be positive!

  2. Katrina, I couldn't agree more the summer you experienced sounded wonderful, I think the fact that there was no technology for 5 weeks was great. I spent 8 weeks with out it and it was a nice break to relax and not worry. This summer I went on a 8 hour hike at my camp. They refereed to it as "Hell Hike" so clearly our camps both have the same definition for physically demanding challenges. After that hike I felt very accomplished, I assume after your 5km portage canoe trip you did too. Our defining moments seem to be similar as we both learned effective life skills from our experiences last summer.

  3. I agree Claire! Maybe that's why we get along so well because we both went to similar camps and endured similar situations that actually helped to define who we are today!