Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A Defining Moment

When I was 4, I was playing in my room with my little brother and sister. We were having great fun until my door suddenly closed. It got jammed stuck and we couldn't open open it, so then we started to cry. No one else was home, so we sat there for a while. Then, I took a book from the shelf and started to it read to them. It calmed them sown until my mom arrived, then we screamed deafeningly loud when she asked where we were. Now when I look back at it, the entire thing was silly to be scared of, but I think it is a defining moment for me because I did something when we were trapped with no hope of escape. Even though I could not open the door, I still was able to help my brother and sister. This moment taught me that I can always do something to help a situation I have no control of.


  1. You are an awesome big brother! It is the times when we are challenged that our identities begin to emerge. You were able to take a frightening situation, and, at age four, calm down your siblings.

  2. WOW!! Your such a great older brother like mine!