Friday, 21 March 2014

Defining Moment

If I had to choose one moment that has changed how I looked at my life and what I want to do would be the first time I was in an aircraft. Before getting into that aircraft I was afraid of heights so I was extremely nervous. I felt my nerves and adrenaline building up as the aircraft started down the runway.Once I was in the air I looked down and saw the ant sized people. The world looked like a felt map with toy cars driving along the roads. I was amazed at the view though, I was still afraid of heights. The highest I had been before this was the top hill of Behemoth in Canada’s Wonderland and flying was completely different.

This experience has given me goals and a hope to reach a career. It helped me choose which courses I wanted to take this year. I also chose my courses for next year based on this hopeful dream. I took ground school through air cadets for the past 4 years and plan on getting my pilots licence through cadets. All this work to bring me to the one goal that could seem almost impossible to reach. One day I want to be a commercial pilot and I have a plan to make it possible thanks to that first flight.

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  1. Shealyn, I'm so glad that you have set a goal for yourself and that you essentially face your fear every time you get into an aircraft. Your passion is evident in your post, and I think that your passion will help you achieve your goals.

    Your use of imagery in this post is excellent. I loved how you described your view from above and the allusion to a ride many people in Ontario are familiar with.