Monday, 17 March 2014


   It all started back in 2007 when I was 9 when I received my birthday present from my parents, A first generation I-pod nano with Old School by Hedley being the only song on it. I listened to that song like it was my job, whenever I'd have a bad day I'd turn to that song and it never failed to make me happy. In Grade 8 (2011) I decided to look up some more or their songs. After buying all their albums and watching all the interviews. I realized how much I loved them and that there was no going back.

    After four years, five shows and meeting two of the members.  I can strongly say that their one of the strongest influences when it came to building my personality. It opened my world up to different types of music, bands etc.. I've made so many friends through a mutual love for Hedley.

  Watching Hedley grow and be band together is something that has really brought so much joy to my life. Since Hedley started back in 2005 they've always loved their fans unconditionally. Jacob Hoggard (the lead singer) always makes a point at every show to thank everyone "from the bottom of their hearts" for all the support that they've given too the band. (shown in video, plus their song Perfect with a Rihanna twist). From their goofy attitudes to incredible songs Hedley will always  "pick me up when I'm down and... make me smile."- Hands Up, Hedley

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  1. Although I am not a huge fan, this post inspired me to be more open minded about bands like Hedley. I know that they have a huge impact on many people including yourself and this post reflects that well. Great job, though maybe next time try using a word other than strongly for a few of your sentences. It is descriptive but based on the rest of the post you have a great vocabulary and could find better words easily.