Friday, 2 May 2014

My Annoying problem with Felines

I'm actually really glad that is our post we need to write, because honestly I need to get this out to the world. I have a massive problem with my cats. Massive. No joke, no exaggeration. When looking at the feline species itself, there isn't anything too irritating about cats-besides the lazy, "leave me alone" attitude they tend to have. I can see why people like cats. They're likable.

But then there is my mother. She doesn't just like cats, she loves them. My parents share their own cat, Jack. He's this one eyed little bugger we got from the SPCA. Not only is he annoying because all he does is follow you around the house, whine in his little meow, and chew on my expensive clothing items, but I can't help feeling that I am in competition with the rascal. Cats and Humans are not equal. They just aren't. I love animals, I do and they should be treated with love and care but having your children apologize to your cat for lack of affection shown to it is outrageous. Yes, I will admit I have gotten a talking to for refusing to pet Jack when I've got better things to do. I get in trouble for yelling at him to stop laying on our kitchen table because every time I sit down to have a meal I find one of his measly hairs somewhere in it. I get questioned for that fact that I'm not paying enough attention to him, or playing with him. Because the number one thing on my agenda should be making sure that his every needs are met, how could I have possibly forgotten?

The worst thing is he's sociable, so everyone really likes him. I don't know how many times I've rolled my eyes when my two young cousins are so concerned about where "Jack Jack" is to play with him. Or when my friends come over, and just coo at him like he's the best thing in existence. The worst part is my mom bought a cat stroller. No word of a lie, a little vehicle to push around the King of our Residence. And I'll also admit, I've taken him for walks, and of course I have to suffer the weird looks of either being mistaken for a young mother, or a lunatic.

I think the final thing that just really bugs me, is Jack knows he's the favourite. He knows there is a part of him above me in our family hierarchy. I can see it in his eye when he watches me scoop the cat litter, as he mocks me silently. I don't know what will happen with Jack and I, and our current rivalry but I'm sure its bound to be interesting.


  1. Cats are jerks aren't they?!

    While I can't really relate specifically to this story, I do not like cats at all and I'm all for Team Dog. Lauren that cat is definitely laughing at you, but just remember, you as a human, will live longer! So the joke is on Jack.

    I didn't even know cat strollers truly existed. Are you forced to wheel him around in that thing?

  2. You should definitely just accept that fact that Jack is better in every way than you. NOT! I have seen this so many times with my past cat twist, where people would pay more attention to the cat then to me. As for the stroller, I pretty sure that doing to something like that to a cat is not only insane but extremely weird. If Jack wants to go somewhere then he can walk there is no point in pushing him around. Overall Lauren, what is happening as far as the attention Jack is getting is normal but I think your Mom should stop obsessing over him like he is some cute baby.

  3. I relate to this too except with my dog. My dog is my mothers baby and she most certainly knows it too. I too get a talking to if I don't pay enough attention to her. The thing that's different for me is that my dog does not like me at all, she tolerates me but that's about it.

  4. This is awesome. I mean, I feel sorry for you. This reminds of my dad and our Pomeranian, Rocco. My dad would regularly sing to him, as well as give him horsey back rides. Sometimes, you just can't compete.

  5. House cats are brutal...but what about Aslan? Now there's a lovable cat. Seriously though, I find I have much more respect for cats when they are in the wild, living their lives without being forced to make "good" pets.