Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Things that annoy me

Things that annoy me:

-when your mom goes to the grocery store and doesn't pick up the one thing you asked for
-short people
-people that ignore your texts
-people that reply two hours later to your text
-stupid people
-guys with the flow
-when someone says they have something important tot tell you then remembers they can't
-bad drivers
-getting up to reach the remote control
-The radio these days
-Justin Beiber
- One D
-stuck up people
-people that go to the gym just to look at themselves in the mirror
-This winter
-waking up early
- when girls tell you there fine when truly your suppost to read there mind and know there not

The list of things that annoy me could go on forever, These are just a few that I presume are quite common amongst people.


  1. I definitely agree with short people being annoying they always seem to appear right in front of you. And guys with the flow also is extremely stupid. What is this the 80's? greasey looking hair is not appealing. Justin Bieber we no longer have to worry about because he is in prison. Stuck up people are more of a pain in the ass then annoying. They just seem to think that nobody else in this world in important and the moon earth and stars revolve around them. An agreeable list Matt

  2. This is quite the list. Why do some of these things annoy you? Also, be sure not to be offensive. For example, people can't help that they are short.